This is 1st

I uploaded my HG reports for the day, but they did not uploaded. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

Call them for support?

Are they opened now?

I’m sorry Buck, I have no idea. I don’t use HG. I just assumed…sorry. :frowning:

Close out HG then restart and try to upload reports, again.

Try uploading a second time, with a good/fast Internet connection.

The term uploading can be confusing. If you are complete with your report and want to deliver it to your customers you can upload the report and send out email notifications. If you uploaded it then it should be there.

If you are sending a report through the cloud transfer in order to pull it down onto another device, then sometimes if the internet connection wasn’t good, it may say Failed to send the report to the cloud. When that happens you can try again, or sometimes it actually did transfer the report to the cloud but the handshake message back to your device did not go through.

Thanks Larry and Christopher for trying to help!


The system will NOT send it to my customer.

Can you provide more details?
You can see the uploaded report on your own landing page?
You created a HG user name for the client?
You click “Send Report…” and what exactly happens next?



Is that the answer to my question?

You see nothing on your own landing page (Uploaded Reports)?

If it isn’t on that page, it wasn’t uploaded.

If it is there on your Uploaded Reports, try sending the report to yourself (create a “test” user to confirm it works…

Click “Show All Events” to see what has transpired.

I hope you called in 828-254-2030 I looked at your account and it looks like everything is working on our end?

I am out of the office and not monitoring this forum closely today.


Thank you!! The problem was on my end. Your fine STAFF has taken care of my problem.

Thank you! For the quick and outstanding SUPPORT from you and your STAFF!!

Glad we can help!

Thanks Dom from Fla for trying to help!