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Post: InterNACHI CMI vetted by OntarioACHI?
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Posted by: rcooke
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Mr Cooke has made baseless and unfounded accusations about my capability of performing profession home inspections. He has made a personal attack on myself and my company using the vehicle of InterNACHI for delivery.
Wrong I posted my opinion not an accusation .

While there has always been a level of openness on the message board to openly support an act of libel and defamation is unconscionable for a professional association.

There is a trail of evidence of the constant abuse of Mr Cooke against me, my associations and now my professional ability as a home inspector.

This has GOT to stop.

If this is not rectified within 7 days I will now be forced to defend this action in the courts of law.
Again Len is posting his blackmail threats , He is good at this

I do not believe that even the U.S. laws that provide protection for owners of internet message boards go as far as allowing the promotion and harboring of cyber-bullies and actions of libel and defamation. They certainly do not here in Canada.
Len feels he should be able to post his opinion but others should not be allowed too.
Len has called me an idiot.
A horses A SS.
He has tried to blackmail me .
He has tried to get me removed from NACHI then Bragged about it.

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Re: InterNACHI CMI vetted by OntarioACHI?

I recommend all Ontario NACHI members read this and form their own opinion on OntarioACHI .…ectors-113359/

The above post is brought to you by Mr. Roy Cooke the founder of

I recommend all InterNachi members read the archived posts about Mr. Cooke being booted from InterNachi for is unethical behavior that he still continues to this day. Please read about him before you respond to anything he says as you maybe the next victim of his attack

And actually yes I am a member.