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Post: The post I’m told NOT to post.
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Disqualification of Michael Meeker from Member of the Year voting

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][size=2]Now the committee is called scumbags

“You all deserve what you get and the Awards Commitee members who took part in this fiasco should be immediately removed and embarrassed by they actions against me from the VERY START. The whole thing was rigged by a very few and they did all they could to stop me from winning from the very start. Complete scumbags, those who participated in it.”

Am I missing something? Looks blank.
Merry Christmas Jeff!

Marc is the one that should be tossed out of this org for straight up harassment. I just call em like I see them.

That may well be true. Half of the issue is in how you see things. The other half is that you can’t shut-up about them. You’re the perpetual victim with a big mouth and an incessant ability to whine about your butthurt.

I have the right to say whatever I wish as i am a paying member. I have been harrassed from the committee down and I do not even try to file a complaint because of the good ole boys network. it is all there go back to the announcement of the nominations and READ. Many have attacked me for my opinions which is wrong and then they chase me around the forum harassing me. Read it and tell me i’m the instigator. Emma S “I cannot spell his whole name but we know who he is” is also one who should be tossed.

I have read everything and you are absolutely the instigator. You are acting like a five-year-old that is wagging a finger in someones face yelling “I’m not touching you”.

Please do everyone a favor and close your web browser for a while.

Everyone else has the equivalent right, which you apparently can’t handle. Though the fact is that you have no such “right” as this is a privately operated forum.

And as paying Members we also have a right of speech…

One question though: If everything is so bad, the Committee is against you, the Members are evil and everybody else is part of the army of the gates of h*ll… And you pretty well dislike the functioning of the Association…

Why are you a Member and keep renewing your dues?

I suspect that is the basis for his threat to leave. His renewal month is December, so if he (doesn’t) win the MOY and the Lifetime membership that comes with it, he will not be paying to renew his membership.

How did you figure that out?

The first 6 numbers of a member’s InterNACHI ID NUMBER is the join date backwards…2 digits per year, 2 for month, and then 2 for day.

Yup, also for many members, they signed up for the MB at the same time, so their profile date typically reflects their join date… or close to it.

Because of all the other GREAT things Nick has done to make InterNACHI great. Education, Contracts, etc…Definitely not because of the Forums which Nick basically stays out of all the bullsh-t you people start and only visits when he has something to contribute. It is hard because the benefits EXCEPT for the FORUM out weighs dealing with you a-sholes. I have not decided what I will do yet but I definitely are done with you fools shortly. Pretty much as soon as you loud mouths shut the F-ck up. So keep running you mouths and you will keep hearing my responses.

What are you an idiot? How can I win an election I have been wrongly removed from. Real brain child aren’t you?

  1. Still not an election. An election is “the selection of a person or persons for office by vote”. This has no office to be held.

  2. You were not wrongly removed. You made your decisions and now get to live with the consequences.

Sooooo… Let me see if I get this right:

I just asked a question, because I wanted to know what this affair was about and this yields a response calling me an A-hole, posting bullsh*t and running my mouth???
Just for asking a question…

Seems you typed your paragraph whilst looking at yourself in the mirror…

No need to respond… You have very much demonstrated the type of person you are and no matter what you think: Not the talk and or behaviour from a “Member of the Year”.

Further, if any credence is to be given to any of your rants: Do you think firing insults and negative comments to Members and Volunteers is getting you somewhere? In the past couple of days you have managed to make yourself appear as a most vile and unpleasant individual.

But then… We’re all just posting BS and running off our mouths…

When else do you vote if not an election or to win a prize. If you have people voting you have the right to sway people your way.

To be honest Patrick i was not referring to you and thought about saying so but figured it really did not matter anyhow. Sorry you were offended you were not my intended target.