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Members are not subject to moderation. And this report is exactly why you should not be a moderator. You have taken a personal feud with JB and let it color your perception.

Steven I am sorry. I did not know members could not be monitored. Please ignor this post. However James IMO has violated the ESOP which I clearing posted and the rules do say this can be addressed so you may be wrong.

I am not a moderator FYI.

Yes, you are correct Jb has colored my perception.

What do you suggest members do when other members attact each other?

Put them on ignore. It appears that the same people that continue the online feuds very seldom post in the threads requesting help. Nothing to be lost by ignoring them.

Frank Magdafrau has just demonstrated the stupidity of moderation in a way that no one else could.

Thank you, Frank.

It is a shame one should have to do this. But at least there would only be 2 or 3 members on that ignor list.

Agreed. Sorry Frank, that was simply retarded.

Now Kevin, that was totally inappropriate and surely not politically correct. Frank isn’t retarded. He’s “special”. :mrgreen:

Yes I agree, it was stupid and retarted or until you are the one called–

Imature, stupid and retarded.:wink:

Members like James will fight you tooth and nails and call you names. People like him will never stop and admit they were wrong. He then builds followers like Kevin who will stir the pot right along with James.

All Mr. Mckenna did was disagree with James.

So why does he have to be called names?

I’ve been called those names on this MB. On what grounds do you honestly believe someone saying “when you mature” needs to be censored? That’s an absolutely ridiculous objection and your agenda is clearly transparent.

James does not want to be monitored fine he has that right. But he has no right to call you names no matter what that name is.

Frank…you need to take a break.

Don’t worry about me. James makes me look good.


Who are you to complain about someone calling someone else names? It’s not like you don’t have a history of it. Perhaps you should try moderating yourself…

Now that’s the best advice yet!!!

Hi all,

lets leave soime of this stuff in the Kindergarten where it belongs, OK?

No member is getting sanctioned