Reported Post by Gomer Pile

So which of our trusty moderators let Gomer in the back door? Apparently he felt it was worth having Gomer slam Mr. Larson more than it was worth complying with the order that these posts be banned.

I recommend that the moderators, henceforth, be moderated.

I nominate Dale as the moderating moderator who will moderate the moderators.


Richard A. Maday 2/16/2009 8:55 AM Approved Post Bob Electric Electrical Oversized wire, reduced at Breaker View

Mario A. Kyriacou, CHI 2/15/2009 9:47 PM Approved Post Jody McKay Legislation, Licensing & Legal Issues InterNACHI’s free online WDO course submitted to many Depts of Agriculture… View

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Mario A. Kyriacou, CHI 2/15/2009 9:46 PM Approved Post Gomer Pile General Inspection Discussion NACHI lost 10 members today. View


At first I assumed that you were joking, I’m sure you are now attempting to discredit me. I HAVE NEVER APPROVED A POST FROM GOMER PILE AND I DID NOT APPROVE THE POST THAT IS IN QUESTION.
I’m on the moderators list for one reason and one reason ONLY, to STOP wand and the macnasshole from posting their crap all over this MB. You’re unfounded claim that I allowed wand to file a complaint against an ESOP member by approving a post is ludicrous to say the least. Get you’re reading glasses out……and use them.

BTW The post that you claim I approved is waiting in queue to be moderated.

We currently don’t require a moderator to monitor the moderators but Dale is welcome to help out as you are James.

Hi Mario…I’m just posting what is POSTED as approved…personally I think it’s silly, and made me chuckle, so there is no need to get offensive about what is posted by Chris M…I simply looked to see who “Approved” the Gomer Pile Post…and it said you did…simple----:stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I do not care if any posts are moderated or not—:lol:



We are talking about this recent post/thread from the wand. You appear to have the technical know-how that I lack to determine who moderated all posts made by non-members. Can you please use ALL your technical abilities and tell us who allowed this latest thread by the wand?

BTW If I allowed a post from the wand to slip through by mistake I take full responsibility for my actions. I assure you if I allowed one of his posts to make it to the MB it was not intentional or by design. You have shown evidence of a post from wand approved by myself, I’m sure that you are mistaken; his post is in queue to be moderated, look for yourself. Besides, the post that you are referring to is a one line post that would normally not require moderation, the fact that we now know gomer pile is the wand it should not even make it to the MB.

I would be happy to help correct the moderation issue, but someone will have to direct me to the flushing device.

----:D…Man you sure get defensive when I show what is posted by Chris M as approved, did you see the link?..from the way your taking this so seriosly I am not sure you looked at the link I was referring to, Posted by Gomer Pile, and approved by you…nothing technical about it at all, I am just looking at what is “Approved”----simply brother…!!—:smiley:

I don’t have anything against anyone, I do not let a MB or people bother me, but if someone did to me what you said he did to you, well I would be pissed too—:twisted:

But don’t let my posts make you mad at me, I just copied & pasted what was “Approved”…if you knew Gomer Pile was Ray you probably would not have approved it----:smiley:

Ray, or someone else, may have hacked your acct. Mario.

Or it could be a forgery of Gomers post by a disgruntled anti moderation member, who is trying to make the system look foolish. Anybody see the gameshow yesterday, to censor me from one of the anti moderators?


I’m not pissed at you brother, you posted what you thought to be the truth. All I’m suggesting is that this MF wand is so predictable that anyone that knows him can easily pick out his posts regardless of what goofy user name he uses. By nature I don’t hate or dislike anyone, I don’t have a mean bone in my body, but I have to tell you that this MF has managed to change all that. I knew he was odd when I first met this idiot, how odd I didn’t know until several years later!
My biggest concern is how he managed to even post on a members only section of the MB, is nothing safe from the wand?

Chris? Please shed some light here. How was wand able to hack a closed MB?

I have changed my password as a precaution John!

There will always be a few bugs to work out in a new system.
It looks like everything is coming together very well.

I have asked Chris to delete this entire thread. I will not allow this moron to slam a NACHI member not to mention an ESOP member. I have also asked Chris for an explanation as to how he was able to post in this member’s only section of the MB.

You also might want to ask him why he’s still allowed to post.

Well he has not acquired any friends yet—:lol:—:freaked-:

I agree with Mario…delete-----:margarit:


Kinda makes this whole moderating thing look pretty second-rate, don’t it.

At least we don’t have those pesty Speedy Petey and Marc Shunk guys cluttering up the Electrical threads with their nonsense, anymore. Keeping the 2009 NACHI Member of the Year off the board is a great benefit, too.

But that’s okay 'cause we got Gomer!!!

The 20009 MOY is keeping himself off the Board, as a matter of fact, he started the Boycott thing.