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Hey what happened I see many posts have been deleted that were posted by Raymond Wand? I thought this was a free speech site? Nick seems to be contradicting himself again.

Ray who?


Thanks for the link to Jim’s excellent blog post. Well done and thanks again.

Poser… the date you joined this board was 2/25/08

Are you the one they call the enforcer?


Are you the one formerly known as Ray?

Ray who?


There’s a poser here. Let’s just let it go.


Strange bedfellows.

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica][size=1]It sure gets interesting when Nachi members send info such as this.


Is this the same Colin Smythe that works for the same home inspection franchise as I do, if so welcome.

Strange how I was blocked and many posts have been pulled.

I guess the free speech thingy is a myth.

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Removing any information about the Canadian home inspection industry and those individuals and organizations involved, whether Nick and Bill Millet agree with those facts and opinions or not is a disservice to Canadian members and serves as a warning to ALL members. Freedom of speech means that ALL opinions are welcome not just the opinions with which you are comfortable.

George, it appears that your friend, Mr. Wand, performed a great disservice to your industry in Canada by linking himself and his libelous statements to information that was of value to you.

Of course, your choice to again blame those who enforce the rules as opposed to blaming the one who blatantly chose to break them, is your choice to make.

Perhaps even the usual select few will agree with you. It should still be obvious that these arguments that have been so ineffective in returning Wand will be as equally ineffective in returning his posts and threads.

I am certain that the harm that he caused by the various laws and rules that he broke with his libelous and outlandish claims was such that the gain of ridding the message board of them far outweighed the loss of any useful information that they might contain from other contributors.

I support Chris’s actions as being sound and in the best interest of the membership.

Best interests Bushfart? What would you know about best interests?

You are a sham as is NACHI and free speech.

I like how you go onto Inspection News and log on as Harvey Hempelstern

Where is the support for NACHI there. I don’t see anyone comming to the aid of your NACHI group there. As a matter of fact its interesting to read the various posts knocking NACHI as nothing but a fraud.

James, you should try out for the Olympics as you are without equal when it comes to jumping to conclusions. Show me where in my previous message I mentioned returning Ray Wand to the fold. I didn’t. You just cannot let it go at that.

It is clear that you do not have any appreciation for the situation in Canada and even less interest. But then Canadians are used to that attitude in many of our American cousins. So here are some facts for you Jim;

  1. Not all Canadian members agreed with Ray.

  2. Not all Canadian members agree with me.

  3. Not all Canadian members agree with you.

  4. All Canadian members have been made aware of how tenuous is our right to free speech on this message board.

  5. Ray and Roy were the only source of information regarding the N.C.P. that did not include the persons who were determined to force it down our throats.

  6. By removing Ray Wand access even as a guest and removing his previous posts you have removed the only source of information, right or wrong, that was regularly available to Canadian members. ( this statement is made as YOU brought up the subject)

Now, we all know that you have never let the facts stand in the way of a good barb so let 'er rip James. You will only add to the confusion of as to which sphincter we are listening .

Why was Ray the sole voice regarding information on the NCP, or for that matter OAHI? Surely there are others.

Why cant or shouldnt someone else pick up the mantle?

Thanks for not disappointing me with your predictable response, George. As your friend has pointed out to you, he is presently available to be your sole voice for Canada at this web site. All is not lost…until he has been banned from there, as well.