Reported Post by Gomer Pile

I don’t think he is “Posting” in the Member’s Only section. What this bozo did was “report” a post using the triangle in the upper right corner of each post. By using this feature, it automatically sends the original post to this section of the message board along with the comments he filled in the box. He found a back door. Not sure what Chris will be able to do about this except not allow non-members to report posts.

I think you nailed it Stephen, and if that’s the case than I agree that non-members should not be allowed to report posts.

I still think that moderating every last non-member post is a huge waste of time and it’s useless.

What’s wrong with giving one member admin. access to simply delete these nasty threads?

It’s a no-brainer.

Yeah, I agree Stephen. Where was it originally posted? Canadina section, so that is not members only, correct?

Mario A. Kyriacou, CHI2/19/2009 10:33 PMUnapproved PostGomer PileCanadian Inspectors Home Inspector Licensing in British Columbia View Mario A. Kyriacou, CHI2/19/2009 10:33 PMUnapproved PostGomer PileCanadian Inspectors OAHI Education Conference View Mario A. Kyriacou, CHI2/19/2009 10:33 PMUnapproved PostGomer PileGeneral Inspection Discussion NACHI lost 10 members today. View

Thanks Brian!!

Mario, David, And ALL ESOP members:
The solution is to allow non-members read only privilages to the MB, period. Who but one of these trouble makers, would go out of their way to harm, discredit, and start an internal feud amoungst the membership?

Why do we have anyway? This is the place for non-members to post to.

Create an affiliate membership, for those non-members, who demonstrate that they are here to help, not bash, or start a fued.

Then moderators do not need to look at every MB group. Then the only posts that would appear would be from affilates or members.

Problen solved;-)


I already suggested it and apparently Chris is implementing it:

Any update on this Chris?

I love… I friggin’ love it. I haven’t had this much fun since the pigs ate my little sister! Kenny sometimes being paranoid is the proper thing to be. :mrgreen::p:mrgreen:

M-deration is a one-handed love affair with your ego, don’t get any on you. :wink:

Gomer has made a mockery of the moderation system and a fool out of moderators.

I’m with Gomer on this one.

Need to figure out some other way to do this for sure! I have been helped by people like these folks numerous times. OUCH!!!:frowning: Good point James!:mrgreen:

All thing work together for good… No doubt the m-derators were feeling a surge of power and were licking their chops in anticipation over the thought that if this little foray into the wide, wide world of censorship was a success, that soon they would unleashed on all the members to work their magic.

Hopefully, screw ups like this will knock them down a few pegs with the PTB and keep the message board free for a little longer.

This section lists all posts that have been reported (through the “Report Post” button). Non-members do not have access to this (or any other members-only forum), but if a non-member reports a post, it will be listed here so that members may discuss it.

WHY? Why should non-members have this ability? It makes no sense to me period.


I love it.

As usual joey, you’re lying again, I am the only one to suggest something other than moderation, with the exception of the crybaby tactics by you and some others. BTW, I knew you couldn’t make to March without posting! Joey, if you don’t stopmaking my predictions come true, people are going to start calling me,“NostraKenny”! :mrgreen:

As usual kenny, go fu@k yourself, maybe you can find a m-derator who will help you out with your friggin’ g-d complex. Piss off… :stuck_out_tongue:

What are you worried about little joey, everyone knows it’s impossible to moderate you! :roll:

Kenny, looks to me like right now that you are Livin’ La Vida Loca with the PTB, if it were me I’d go for it because, this is probably as good as it is ever gonna get for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember though, revenge is a dish that is always best served cold. :mrgreen:

Joey, I have already lived the crazy life, as a matter of fact, it’s mostly the reason I am in such poor condition now. BTW, vengence belongs to God. P.S. I have already been to the top in this life, it’s all down hill from here. Funny, I met you on the downhill side and you are not looking up.