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Post: Romex Insulation in service panel…
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Posted by: sstanczyk
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freak’in kidding me

A membership to which you are not entitled. You are a bane on the home inspection industry and this organization.

How many times do you need to get booted to understand?

And if you could read, you would know that Members are not censored.

You are one pompous prick Joe. Seriously pathetic…

Please tell me how you feel it’s your right to object to anything on this message board.

Joe Farsetta will be weighing in on this, soon.

Until then, understand that Tedesco is not a NACHI “member” as he falsely claims. That status has been permanently revoked.

He simply paid money to be given “student” status that would allow him access to the message board. He is desperate for your attention and found a loophole that he was willing to pay for to get it. Let’s face it … a self appointed “leader” in a field with no one following him is a lonely thing to proclaim to be, is it not?

Ignore the prick. He’ll be gone, soon.

To my knowledge, I have never heard of anyone with a “student” classification. We have members and affilliate members.

The man was banned from this message board for good reason. He needs to remain banned.

The recommmendation is to return his money and bid him farewell… Again.

Unless we are concerned about arc flash in a 4160 volt cubicle explosion, Mr. Tedesco can teach us nothing.

I say keep his money as a sanction, and then give him the boot. Maybe that will help him understand that he doesn’t belong here.

You better check with Nick.

Let him stay. I like seeing someone who can piss off the masses…:mrgreen:


Do you carry a flit can to kill those wasps? :mrgreen:

I would like to use the picture that you have on your site showing wasps in the panelboard in my EC&M magazine article, giving you and your company credit of course.

I just need an OK and a few more words so that we can use it.

We reach over 200,000 readers all total!

You can subscribe here:

Yep. The true colors come through. Always here for something before he trashes the industry. Don’t let him fool you. The only reason he butters you up for the picture is it makes the knife easier to slip into your back at a later time.

This must be another new site where he has bamboozled his way in as an “expert”.

The old one threw him off at the same time he was expelled from NACHI the first time when he got caught cutting and pasting posts from our message board and publishing them on other sites to illustrate how, in his opinion, stupid home inspectors are.