You Asked for it, Mr. Tedesco. Here it is....

Having the unflattering distinction of being the first of two members to be booted out of the association for violation(s) of our ethical code, Joe Tedesco has returned and…judging by his intentional acts of targeting and harassing other professional contributors to the Electrical thread he wishes to dominate, failed to learn his lesson.

Why he was ever reinstated by Nick still remains a mystery to most of us, but the reasons for his expulsion are a matter for record. For those who were not here or may not recall, they are presented here for your review.

Much of the controversy surrounding his posts of today were also points of contention back in 2005, when he got the boot.

What we did not know at the time was that Joe Tedesco, while collecting fees from NACHI as a vendor/instructor, was copying and pasting posts from the NACHI message board and using them to make fun of home inspectors on various electrical contractor message boards.

Here is one example that was taken from this electrical contractor site.

After posting this NACHI message board response to his electrical contractor site, the anticipated responses began to come from other electrical contractors.

Now, Joe has recently tried to defend himself by saying that it was Ryan, not he, who called home inspectors a “joke” after he copied from our board to post on his contractor board. This is true…but read Joe’s response to Ryan calling HI’s “a joke”.

After we found this, we searched other electrical contractor sites frequented by NACHI instructor, Joe Tedesco, and found other examples.

This brings us to today.

While we have no evidence that he is using statements made by NACHI members to publicly discredit the home inspection profession as he did in the past…(not saying it isn’t happening, just that we have no evidence that it is happening)…we do see where his new presence on our message board has some of his fellow HI bashers joining in with his threads.

In the years of his seeming absence (he did return under a fictitious name, at least once) we have acquired and benefitted from several electrical experts who have assisted us without disparaging remarks, rude phone calls, and controversy.

Joe Tedesco has waged a personal war on them in an apparent attempt to drive them away and dominate.

Could it be he intends to present himself, again, as a contractor worthy of hire for home inspection seminars? While I would never hire him (again, like I did in the summer of 2005), nor can I see any other group of home inspectors wanting to waste money on learning “code trivia”, perhaps that is his goal.

Here is the thread, in its entirety and without edit, that appeared on the electrical contractor website. By the way, the owner of the site fired Joe as a moderator when it was brought to his attention what Joe did, so please hold no grudges toward this site.