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Post: Poor attitude and bully
Forum: Canadian Home Inspectors
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Posted by: ryoung7
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So sorry.
I could not help myself. :neutral:

See what bullying does in the organization.:frowning:

If you wish for me to remove the thread just say so.

“I’m sorry officer, I didn’t mean to commit the crime.
If I apologise and un-shoot my gun will it make it all OK again?”

Once a post is in the public domain, it is hooked by Google and other web-bots.
The damage is done, the rules were broken, the breach was admitted to.

The question is whether anything will be done about it.

To late, so sad…Oh well, say hello to Wanda on Inspection News.


You are wasting your time reporting this. Nick has allowed Cooke to do this twice now and will allow Young to do it as well. There is no real COE The rules are what Nick feels like at the time.

Just consider where the post comes from The Montreal Whack Job.

Now he can copy and paste that as well.