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Posted by: mlarson
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Robert mentions me and then when I respond he plays victim.

quite a piece of work that robert.

Are you ready for that phone call?


Oh no not The phone call. I bet that puts the fear in everyone .

Only Robert that I know of. :wink:

I called him one time several years ago and he never got over it.

I think its one of his recurring nightmares.

Do you really think anything positive would come of it?
Besides a well deserved verbal thrashing.
He did start it for no reason.
I guess he’ll always remember the love call that freaked him out. :shock:
Admits he gets love calls from others being such a non-popular fellow.

I’m trying to come up with something to say.

So far I’m drawing a blank.

Robert needs something but I don’t think I am qualified to deliver it.:shock:


Wake up Michel.

You did not even have a reason and called me like a raving mad man.
Completely out of control and screaming insane and out of control.
Please read the words.
Out of control.

Yes it effects people you asinine red neck.
There are laws in Canada to stop this harassment.

The message board is all yours and your followers.


And as usual will get in the last word.
A forereal Looney Tunes Character.

Maybe Mike needs some of your meds.
Did your prescription run out?

Funny thing Linus.

I admit calling him years ago but cannot remember why.

Some people can let go.

Some can’t.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be so obsessed with some guy many miles away an in different country.

Something is amiss.

No chit Mike, I feel your pain.

He has the same obsession (or is it paranoia) over a discussion I had with him on this MB when he first arrived (like 5 years ago) regarding chimneys. He just never got over it. I suspect it was the real life photo’s I posted showing the err of his ways! LOL. He still mentions it from time to time as if it was just last week. Sorta like his references to your phone call from ‘days gone by’.

I called Robert a few minutes ago.

He demanded I talk civilly.

I change my tone and informed him that I had contacted Nick and Chris to an let them know how he starts crap and then when I respond later remove his offending posts to make it look like I attacked him.

Be advised that in any response to Robert you MUST quote his posts as he will dishonestly attempt to shade reality to promote his victim status by removing many of his posts.

I have asked Nick to shorten the time where one is allowed to delete or edit a post.

**BTW-Robert also threaten me on the phone. **

He said the next call he would contact the police(yes he really did) so I called him two more times.

I am waiting for the police to show up as I’m sure Robert would never lie. :wink:

I’m still waiting for him to come to my door personally as he implied.
Just love when he starts the Jew stuff with me.

We’re all in BIG trouble with our state licensing boards as he has promised to make complaints!
over & over & over & over again.
It implies an IQ of approx 91.

You are being generous.

You better use caution Mike. He’ll be sending Kevin W’s hitmen after you to rough you up a little.

It’s OK I have my kevlar vest on and my AK loaded and ready to go. :wink:

P.S. This is a message board. :roll:

Everything in my life reminds me of a song.

Got a glock in the bedside table
Machine gun leaning by the bedroom door
Kevlar vest in the closet
Well, I wear it when I go to the store

Shadows at the window
Rustlin’ in the hedge
Faces at the peephole
Footsteps on the ledge

If you come callin’
He’ll be maulin’ with intent to maim
Don’t knock on my door
If you don’t know my Rottweiler’s name

Credit Warren Zevon :cool:

Well the police never showed up nor did KWs henchmen.

Oh well I guess i will have to call Robert Young again and ask him if he was lying.