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Post: Legacy: Obama now an equal with Ronald Reagan
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The NOT FOR EVERYONE section of the forum has the following warning and it is recommended that a person not look at this sections if the content offends them… and a member’s post are not moderated.

Likely one of the employes lol

This should offend anyone of decent morals… Who cares where it’s was posted. It comes up on my screen when I open my app… It’s disgusting and offensive. Are you suggesting freedom of expression is what is the underlying principal? I think there’s a bigger issue that we as professionals need to adhere to on any Internachi forum. Then alter the app or the membership requirements so I don’t have to read this decadent swill from an individual who has no class and is obviously not fit for membership in this organization.

The exact same can be said for many of your posts!

“I will not be staked by Jeffry Jonas any longer”


Rick who?

Church must be out… The minister of hope and redemption has risen his head once again.

If you don’t click on it, it will not come on your screen to read it. The NFE section is not something you should be clicking on, if you don’t want to read it. I may not like the topics on some threads, so I don’t read it. The NFE section is the wild west and not for the faint of heart. Read something else.

It’s in the NFE. Much worse has been said about me and others and with an election year upon us, those who are easily offended should steer clear of the NFE because it will get nasty. :smiley: