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P.S. Is he not aware that all of the references in Chapter 7 and 8 refer you back to the statement of 300.22…lol…I love it when I am a target and I am still RIGHT…lol


That is the only section (AskNACHI) where a user does not have to register to post. At this point we (moderators) can’t do anything about it. Joe has found a way to harass you through the back door of this MB and for that I am sorry. My advise, simply ignore him. We can ask Chris to delete the post he has made but beyond that we can’t do much else.

lol…no worries…I find it actually funny at this point in my career. The last time he caused me trouble it ended up getting me a $ 15,000 raise and two jumps in promotion. So in reality I guess i owe him…lol…NOT

You know…envy is a B*tch so heck he might as well ride my coattails. I guess doing a column where others send him defects with the answers already attached or taking someone elses book and rewording it make others feel happy…lol…it’s all good my friend as these days I dont sweat the little old man.


While I understand that people not have to register to post a question, I find it particularly disturbing that non-members (and unregistered guests) can REPLY to questions asked of the membership. :mad:

AskNACHI is clearly labeled a moderated forum (long before the rest of the board was). The fact that these posts remain is an embarassment to our organization.

I have emailed Chris about this a week or so ago with no reply (and apparently no solution) :frowning:

I agree Rick.
What I really want to know is who the hell Jennifer Sunday is? She apparently is the person that approved that post. She is not listed as a moderator.


Non-members can reply just in case they need to ask follow-up questions. The old didn’t allow that and we got a lot of complaints.

Jennifer is my new assistant—she just started helping out with moderation, so it might take her a little time to start catching the less obvious junk.

Feel free to report posts in AskNACHI—we can always delete spam/junk.