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Post: basement insulation
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Now i will say it for the 50 time, moderators can not do anything about memebers posts Take this up with Nick Or esop if you think you have a case, Personaly i see no name attached to the sentence,

No problem. You will not here from me any more.
They can act as they wish.
Did not mean to be an inconvenience.

Do not take it wrong Robert, Just Moderators can not take any action with a members post. The member must do the right thing.
If you feel there was a violation go to the esop or Nick

Thanks for your post Robert Many things get said on this Forum that are not needed and not nice .
It is unfortunate that some have to make malicious posts.

1.) The post violates the prim directive of ones ESOP.
2.) If the visiting public need a positive perception of the home inspection industry.
3.) It is getting a bad taste from InterNACHI member.
Do not care whom it is.
This is a public form is it not?
Am I missing something here Roy.
If you could get back to me.

I will wait until tonight to see if his post comes down.
If it remains, I will take it up with the proper authority after that.
Thank you.
PS: I will get the hang of it and thank you for your patients.:slight_smile:

I wasn’t targeting anyone in particular. No individuals were named. I was just sayin’ some folks here are on meds and it shows.;):wink:
Some are drunk, some are crazy and some are different. It’s reality. Thank you for your ***patience ***and understanding.

Facts please ,Linas makes a blanket statement that Makes our industry look bad .
Rumors are not needed Facts are needed or an apology should be forth coming … Thanks … Roy

You have a right to describe your services any way you wish Linas.:twisted:
I say you should win a truth in advertising award.

So Bob you see nothing wrong with saying these things on an open forum where any one can see this .
Sorry Bob I think it was wrong poor taste and not needed .
We as professional should be above this silliness .

Facts about a comment? Apology to who? No one was named. Don’t be a troublemaker. Did your “friend on the outside” put you up to this???:wink:

So you do not think Linas has a right to describe himself to others?
Might be part of a new ad campaign.

Starting early today Bob??:p:p

You just inspire me.

Robert do you feel your response to the person (public) in the mentioned thread was positive?

Do you feel it was a positive representation of INachi?

You basically told the anonymous (public) poster that you’re sick of their type asking questions, or looking for advice, on the AskNACHI forum and they should take their problems somewhere else.

No you did it all by your self .
Your post was far from being a professional

Are you the “professional” police? Isn’t it past your nap(dirt) time?

Isn’t that normal behavior for a “helpful” home inspector?

No I am not moral Police . I am not trying like you to be factious .
Your bad language on an open forum does nothing to help our industry.