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I need some help trying to put an age on a furnace and water heater and a joist span question.

H/W tank

Floor joist span is over 15ft Long on an addition 16"OC 2 x 10’s No beams or support posts. Span goes from block foundation to block foundation in crawlspace addition.
Seems a bit long for me …a bit of bounce.

Does anyone know what these are?? cold water line.
Just threw this one in!!


AO Smith- 2nd letter (sometimes first i.e. Kenmore and GSW) equals the month and the next two digits are the year.

Rheem & Rudd: in the middle of the serial number will be a letter “F” or “M” the following four numbers are the week and year.

They allow Romex to hang on top of copper waterline?

Ruud… 24th week of 2002

GSW… 7th week of 2002

Depends on wood species, but my rule of thumb… if you feel bounce and see no reason for it, it’s overspanned… refer to qualified person.

Nope… but guess… water hammer arrestors, but doesn’t really make sense when paired together.

Average is 15 feet for most types of 2x10 joist lumber. You can recommend support in the middle just because it is minimum according to standards today. This is based on 20psf.

Oh… let’s nit-pick!!!

Support does not need to be in the middle. Depends on species of wood! Why make room space potentially unuseable when you could possibly place support 1-2-3 ft from the wall???

Never report on the cure for a defect, especially a support beam.

Thanks Bob you were bang on. That romex is the least problem here with this house in an electrical sense…no wonder the owner walked away. I will post some horror pics soon. This was a bank sale.
Beam span thanks guys spruce lumber grade “A” …I thought initially they were only 8" but i went back to my truck and got my tape. This was a hell hole complete with satanic symbols.

Those are “magnetic water conditioners”. I have seen one only once before and a good thing too. Another snake oil product pushed on the unknowing public.

Good timing to be in house like this! Halloween is right around the corner.

I know I was scared! :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

The support is under the crawlspace hardly useable space, storage only.

Secondly “never report on the cure or defect”, but you have done just that, recommend putting the beam out 1-2-3 feet from the wall.

Just want to make sure you realized what you posted. :wink:

I know exactly what I wrote.

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Jeffery You sure do lack **Diplomacy **

You seem to feel you can correct others but they should never show you your errors .
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Hey Roy, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share it. Allowing us to call you if we have a question while on a job is priceless!