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Post: LP siding
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Robert why do you really care?
Reporting the post does no good.


You need to read the COE

You are the one calling another member an *** h o l e

Your false advertisements also breach the COE

I can keep going if you want

Robert… STOP YOUR B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T!
YOU started this with your usual asinine posts!
Take your friggin meds or get the surgery you sorely need!

Robert, we take turns trolling you.

It’s clearly a conspiracy.



Count me in baby!
I’ll take the 11-12 shift! :mrgreen:

You’re on the schedule.

OK my assigned time is over ,take it away Mikey!
I did find this, he feels threatened…again.

Robert is rather high maintenance. I have no time at the moment. Almost never actually.

Is it the end of the month already?

No, but as most medications are dispensed as a 30-day supply, the refill day falls back 6 days every year, so over RY’s lifetime… well, you can do the math! :razz:

I would pay a month’s wages to see you greet your wives, or others wives like that.
Guess you guys do not use Mr. Johnson often and have pecans for family jewels.

Gentlemen…A sphincter says what?

WE should be so lucky …

image025 (2).jpg

Thanks, Roy.

I know it mostly falls on deaf ears.
Funny an awards committee member can get away with this.:roll:
Oh well.

Keep well.

Why would you report a post where someone calls attention to you calling someone an azzhole? Kind of strange.
Just sayin’…

The lack of good sense or judgement has been a curse for a very long time!