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Here we go again… the end of the month is near and someones meds have run out! You need to get on the “auto-refill” program asap!!

You said Nick has him on ignore.
I think the emails are pre-marked SPAM at headquarters.

Robert please stop reporting members. It has never gotten anywhere . So! Why do it?

Here’s some help for you in your area.

Mental Health Facilities : Montreal, QC : Mental Health Services, Help and Support :

You guys shouldn’t be making fun of him. He seems to have a serious problem.

He’s OK until the end of the month. We figure that’s when he runs out of the meds that keep him “normal”.

Well damnit Frank! I’m sick and tired of him siccing the RCMP on me!! :razz:

With that being said, should we be concerned that he openly claims to be a CPI or a CMI? Doesn’t that technically go against the COE?

Certainly didn’t take long for a relapse.

Where else can you have so much fun at 6 in the morning?

Last time the deep end was encountered I posted public information on horrible Google listings.
Perhaps the horrible Yelp ones are due…

“The only true way to defeat darkness is to expose it to sunlight”! :wink:

Who said that?

That’s right… I did! :|__)