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Post: Concrete piers
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Whiner :roll::roll:

Seems to me like Manny is attempting to HELP you with his honesty!

Damn Robert you are such a moron!! While you’re filing a complaint don’t forget to file one against yourself you idiot! Seems to me the very reason you want to file an ESOP complaint on me is your demonstrated actions in the PUBLIC section of the message board when you openly attacked Chuck Evans as seen below!

You are an ignorant (or is it stupid as there is a difference) person! Go back on your meds and leave people alone and you won’t be responded to like a child being bad!

Someone please tell me who opened the insane asylum doors up in Quebec??:roll:




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I wish to lodge a members ESOP complaint against;
InterNACHI Member Emmanuel J. Scanlan

3: Duty to the Profession and to InterNACHI
The InterNACHI member shall not engage in any act or practice that could be deemed damaging, seditious or destructive to InterNACHI, fellow InterNACHI members, InterNACHI employees, leadership or directors. Accusations of a member acting or deemed in violation of such rules shall trigger a review by the Ethics Committee for possible sanctions and/or expulsion from InterNACHI.

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Post: Concrete piers
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Originally Posted by ryoung7
*As a InterNACHI member, this is my business, as well as every other member here.

You are juvenal in your thought & replies.

Your hypothesis and recommendation for an SE are amateur, AT BEST.

Damn what I hear about you must be true! You act like you’re on drugs and/or have a limited reading and comprehension capacity!

SECONDLY: You do not know your place, nor to whom you are replying to, do you?

Obviously I’m replying to a total moron with significant insecurity issues!

Many hear deserve the respect they have earned by contributing hard work freely.

So far you have not fit into that category. Try a little harder and possibly you’ll be taken seriously?

It is quite evident you trying to attract attention to yourself with those childish comic strip characters and low wit rebuttals. But may I recommend you act civil when engaging members that earned their respected place here.

The only respect you have earned is from the mental health profession and those entrusted to care for them! Their respect equates to additional dollars from another patient!!

Observation: Suspect bearing and shims material under CMU block pier.
Recommend: a. A GC evaluate bearing & shims. b. Enact upon any recommendations therein.
Limitation: Emmanuel J. Scanlan inability to hypothesize and recommend.

A simple GC call would be sufficient.:smile:
Calling out SE’s, structural engineers is emotionally and financially taxing on YOUR CLIENT SIR!

What a moron! Go back and read the post! If you have the reading comprehension skills you will see what an idiot you’re making of yourself!

You are the home inspector they entrusted to help them understand the property they are purchasing correct?
Calling an SE in for post shims shows your lack of depth and your utter inability to provide your clients with well-founded advice and guidance.

Again what a moron! Go back and read the post! If you have the reading comprehension skills you will see what an idiot you’re making of yourself!

Bloody prattle from your mouth sir.
Bloody prattle.

If you pull your head out of everyone else’ arse you might speak sense!

Good day.*

You’re a mental midget, with serious insecurity issues, trying to gain acceptance by fighting non-existent battles for others, and should just accept that fact. As to your opinions:

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I have never seen anyone as so far beyond help as this guy!

Yep, sad isn’t it. Len even attempted to help him see the issues in a very honest and PC way. He just didn’t get it. Now he’s crying 'conspiracy! Very very sad indeed.

Yes when it is all said and done he will cry “The Shirley Temple Defense”! It will probably work real well if he puts on a dress and sings “On The Good Ship Lollipop”.

KW syndrome?

Oh GEEZ Chris… it’s been one year as of 10-02-2014.
Will there be a return? :shock:

That soon :shock: maybe we should start a petition.

That explains a lot!

I forgot about him since I have not seen any posts from him in awhile here. I understand he is on another inspection BB really trashing INACHI these days. Interesting that RY here is so mixed up with KW. Of course he’s just mixed up anyhow!

WAFIPLONKERITIS. I hear it is contagious. :roll:

Oh Jeez! Looks like the drama queen skipped his meds - AGAIN!

Prozac Mr. Yeung. Genitlemen in your condition must stay on top of their dosage.

To, two, too bad. So sad.

I dub thee “Officer Dogberry”.

I think I may have an explanation.
Look how far the eyes are set apart with that thin upper lip - it’s called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.


**I’ve been honored before with a mental midget complaint!

We should start a club called the “I was stalked by Robert Young” club. Or should we just be awarded a medal for having to deal with it? :smiley:

Didn’t think of it that way Manny.
Geez - we’ve all been trolled & stalked!

Don’t forget “offended”!