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Posted by: kpierce
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It should be deleted and the non-member poster should be banned.

I agree, that was placed in the public forum. There is no room for that anywhere in Nachi, especially where the public can view it.

Who was the moderator that approved this post?

No one shows up, on the moderation log, as having approved the post.

Was kpierce given non-member access a while back when other helpful non-members were?

I don’t have that list.

I don’t see a need for that here. Should be deleted, at the very least.

Kevin was approved,and he has been helpful not to mention entertaining. :slight_smile:

What value did this add? This person should be banned or at least his ***** kicked. I’m paying a membership fees only to be insulted by a Guest.

I say give the picture of young Bin ladden a finger back.
I see no indication it is anyone else.

This in no way offends me. If you have a problem just tell the “IT” guy to remove it. No sence in us getting into over it.

Kick him off.

That is good, Frank. Here you go then!:smiley:

I would like to report this post above mine.

Which one BOB

Number 13

We report the non member post and then reuse the image over and over.

Somethings wrong with that.

Notice how the opinion is divided along political lines anyone?

At least Frank is not offended by them. :smiley:

What do you mean by political lines, Bob?
If you made the same comment as Frank, I would have done the same to you in the members only section. I have no bias, I will mess with anybody.


At a minimum, delete it.

Loss of unmoderated status is also warranted, IMO.

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Just a reminder for all

Has anyone even bothered to call Kevin.
For cryin out loud.
He may have just pulled it.