Reporting Light Fixture In Walk-in Shower

Do you report on recessed light fixture within a walk-in shower that has a ceiling height less than 8 feet? I saw this in older homes ('70’s) and I was not able to verify if fixture was approved for wet location. I’m working on this narrative.

“There was a flush mounted ceiling light fixture in the shower/bath area. When the shower/bath ceiling height is less than 8 feet, the light fixture needs to have a manufacturers safety label or marking that the light is approved for wet locations. I was not able to locate the label and did not dismantle light fixture to verify (outside scope of inspection). I recommend verifying manufacturing’s label or marking before use of the shower/bath.”

No picture ?

Sounds like a good recommendation… Probly an older home that someone remodeled.

I don’t have a photo. After reading my states residential code requiring light fixtures label for wet location when ceiling height is less than 8 feet. I got thinking about this then I remember seeing this situation in a couple older homes I inspected.

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*How about…

SAFETY CONCERN: While the recessed light fixture over the tub in the master bathroom is rated for a damp location; it is currently missing the vital cover over the bulb which would protect anyone in the case of breakage.The current occupants have installed an exterior bulb as a replacement. This is not a recommended practice nor suitable or safe repair. Recommend appropriate repair or replacement by a qualified electrical expert.*

If the pot light doesn’t have a cover you don’t need to tell them to look for a label, just tell them it’s improper and a potential shock / electrocution hazard.

Where is this requirement for a shower light in a ceiling that is less than 8’?

Your state may be different. For Michigan residential code 2009 E4003.11 Bathtub and shower areas.

The 8’ requirement originates from the 2009 IRC

There are shower fixtures that allow an exposed bulb. There is no NEC prohibition against a bare bulb either.

I thought that I remembered that those were available. Would you mind posting one for example, Jim? Thanks…

Luminaries located within the actual outside dimensions of a bathtub or shower to the height of 8 feet from the top rim or shower threshold shall be marked for damp locations. Luminaries subject to shower spray shall be marked for wet locations.

Here you go Larry,

Some pics at link below:

Thanks, guys.

FYI- In general all luminaires to be used in damp or wet locations have to me marked for such use. In many cases recess incandescent luminaires can be provided with a trim that makes the recess can and trim suitable for a damp or wet location. It is always important to check with the manufacturer when attempting to add a trim not identified for use with a specific recess luminaire to ensure combining the trim with the recess luminaire actually achieves the intended listing of damp or wet location listed.


What is “wrong” ? Are you addressing the original post or subsequent posts?

I can guarantee you I’m right…instead of saying wrong…back up your statement.

410.10 Luminaires in Specic Locations.
(A) Wet and Damp Locations. Luminaires installed in wet or damp locations shall be installed such that water cannot enter or accumulate in wiring compartments, lampholders, or other electrical parts. All luminaires installed in wet locations shall be marked, Suitable for Wet Locations. All luminaires installed in damp locations shall be marked Suitable for Wet Locations or Suitable for Damp Locations.

(D) Bathtub and Shower Areas. No parts of cord-connected luminaires, chain-, cable-, or cord-suspended luminaires, lighting track, pendants, or ceiling-suspended (paddle) fans shall be located within a zone measured 900 mm (3 ft) horizontally and 2.5 m (8 ft) vertically from the top of the bathtub rim or shower stall threshold. This zone is all encompassing and includes the space directly over the tub or shower stall. Luminaires located within the actual outside dimension of the bath- tub or shower to a height of 2.5 m (8 ft) vertically from the top of the bathtub rim or shower threshold shall be marked for damp locations, or marked for wet locations where subject to shower spray.

And as for the TRIM… Well I will let you google that but I promise you I’m correct:)

How about this…go to

and download their info…read it carefully any notice it’s specific trims that make a traditional recess can acceptable in damp or wet locations…remember the can itself is above the 8’ mark…it’s in the ceiling. All manufacturers offer these trim options for there standard cans. Always keeping mind that some of my manufacturers make wet and damp location recess luminaries without trims…it’s all about the listings.