Reporting Software

I am looking to purchase reporting software. Any guidance as to which one I should get ??

Get HomeGauge


Over 10 Years and no problems… :slight_smile:

Anything but Homegauge

Rule 1 of being a good home inspector: Knowing how to look at something and research the answers.

Not to be mean, but there are dozens upon dozens of threads on this topic. There are entire sections of this forum dedicated to software discussions. If you can’t be bothered to read what has already been posted, then that doesn’t set a very good precedent for your career in the field.

Well said Ian…

We have to see posts like this weekly and get board answering. Just search the threads and you will likely hear about all of them.

Agree. …at the end of the day it is all about personal preference anyway.

By asking you pros he thought he was doing the right thing dont you ever ask for suggestions dick heads