Hello Expert Home Inspectors

I’m looking to buy inspection software. I have seen a lot of reviews but they are over the place. I am looking at Home gauge and 3D software. What is the best software? Any suggestions are appreciated.


Home Inspector Pro!

The best software is what works best for YOU.

There are many that let you try them out before you buy.

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Yep ! The best!

No doubt there.

Larry said it, but IMO Home Inspector Pro works the best for me.

I will say this. Once you start with a software, you will more than likely not change from it as you begin to alter templates to your liking and customize things. I went with Homeguage for 2 reasons:
1 - The CRL tool they have is awesome. Realtors and clients can pick your report and select items they want for a list of things to get bids on or send back to the seller as a negotiation.
2 - They have or had an Internachi promo that helps, but they have also have a mobile companion app to use your phone while inspecting (If you want).
All in all, it is pretty solid in my opinion, and worth every penny. I am newer, but love it so far. Just had to get through the clunkyness that I had to wrap my brain around initially, but once you get it all going, I love it!

Hello all. I new to this game. I looked at AHIT software as well as HomeGauge. They are worlds apart. I called both to ask a million questions. Once I was done with both, my mind was made up. I purchased HomeGauge. Not only did I like what I was able to do with HG, the price was great, and the customer service was amazing, everytime I have spoken to them. You don’t see helpfulness and knowledge like that very ofen these days.
The down side is that the learning curve is huge. Be prepare to spend some hours with it…and being frustrated for a bit. Through all of it I could still see the benifit of the software. Use the trial version for the full length. Try all of the software you can. What works for one might not work for another. The best of success to you.

Thanks for the input!!!