Tea Party, which didn't even exist 2 years ago, now strongest force in US politics


We are coming. Trust me.

Sure it is Nick…


“In Oklahoma, voters overwhelmingly passed three measures that had dismayed some progressive and immigrants-rights groups. One makes English the state’s “common and unifying language,” another requires a government-issued photo ID in order to vote, and the third prohibits state courts from considering international law or Islamic law when deciding cases”.

From MSNBC. The people have spoken. IMO, this is as close to a national revolution that I have ever seen in my lifetime. In 2008, the American public got shafted by a slick salesman. The public will now fix it. Good for us.

The Republicans ( conservatives ) have been given a chance to demonstrate that they have learned a lesson for 2012. Let’s hope that they have and don’t go down the same road that G.W. did.

Elected as conservatives now govern like conservatives!

I think what people said is “We’re pissed”

I’m surprised that more republicans didn’t pick up seats last nite.

I’m sure that Democrats will strongly defend their health care disaster over the next 18 months…the white house and more and more seats will possibly be up for grabs.

I’m even more surprised that people in my state said "We like the road we’re going down, we’ll keep it this way with people like Brown, Boxer and the “gang”. I imagine AZ and CO will pick up even more CA residents in the near future… May

25,000 homes are for sale around the greater KC area. I’ll give you a discount on a home inspection…

Kansas Attorney General Steve Six, instrumental in writing and approving the new Kansas Home Inspectors Act, is voted out of office.

People of Kansas have spoken. They no longer tolerate lawmakers who favor special interest groups and write laws for the benefit of campaign contributors. Home inspection laws will sunset, come up for renewal, in 2013. Bring it.

Great…Betcha I won’t see my taxes lowered:^o

No, but they could be raised if the Bush tax cuts aren’t extended.

Republicans and Tea Party candidates who kept their seats or were re-elected have been put on a 2-year probation by the American public.

All bets are on that the Republican “machine” will pressure newbies to play by their rules.

I have always been a Republican. On some issues I am liberal and on others I am an arch conservative.

I do not trust anyone in office that has been there for more than two terms. Also, the Tea Party needs to do a better job of screening some of its candidates. In my district, I got to catch a glimpse of the mannerisms of our Tea Party candidate when no one was looking. He came off like a common thug, in my opinion.

That was enough to force me to vote for the Democratic incumbant. While not the greatest, at least with him we know what we have.

Tea Party controls entire rust belt now.

The tea party is still forming and growing. For those who think it will go away, this election should be a wake up call. BTW… several states are going to pass election laws the require presidential candidates to show their birth certificate before they will be listed for election. We all know this will be no problem for Obama to finally show his long form birth certificate.

31 candidates won last night and a tea party caucus is forming as we speak.

Republicans or Democrats who cares behind close doors there all the same! Its just like wrestling all for show…this week you win ok…next week the other guy wins…imo

What percentage of workers actually draw a paycheck directly from the government or from a government grant propgram or basically get paid with tax money?

PS. please don’t tell me the actual number, I think I already know. This is the problem that no one has the power or guts to fix.


yada…yada…yada… tax cuts for the rich…while I get to pay my fair share…yippeee:^o

Seems you should be making a lot more money, so you could pay a lot more tax.

Who hires more people, a rich man or a poor man?
If you want to slow down any activity, tax it.
Business 101.

Taxing the rich with higher rates does not help
create jobs, but slows down the flow of money into
the system. States with high taxes on the wealthy
have seen those people moving away in huge

Thank God, Calif. stayed Democratic. Republicans serve the rich and big business…I dont trust the Tea Party…Just seems to be dissatisfied republicans…Democrats help middle and low income people…thats always been myself. My dissatisfaction is Republicans.


Thank God their is 50 states…and you can live in your state of choice…Arnold, the republican governor assured a democratic victory. We got tired of him wanting to balance the budget on the middle class and low income…while his 100 million was untouched. I hope the universal medical can be implemented by willing States. So in Calif. we can implement it…Im glad a lot of people are leaving Calif. Hopefully Republicans…that way we can stay Democratic, help the people and balance the budget as Bill Clinton did.