request of bcam/infracam owners

I am currently deadlocked in trying to figure out which camera I want for my first ir camera. I am in the market at the end of this month or possibly first part of Feb. I have it narrowed down to the infracam sd from FLIR or the Testo/Electrophysics 875. Both seem like good imagers in their own rights, and the MPEG-4 video out option is a must. I would rather have a B2 with composite video out, but they are sparse these days. I see the occasional used unit for sale here and there in my price range 3-3.5k but availability in my purchase window is the real question.

At any rate, my request is a strange one, but if any owners of the above mentioned infracam/bcam sd units could please post a short video recording showcasing the stream performance of the video that would be great. My plan was to use it with a laptop running a free recording program such as camstudio. I know it is a pain, but it would really be appreciated. On another note, and I know that this is a lot more unlikely, I would love to see any recorded streaming video from the testo series imagers, (875,880, etc).

Thanks in advance

I’ve used a B-60 for live video presentations and the performance is excellent. Apparently the BCAM SD has the same ability. However, I haven’t figured out how to record the video. I’m sure there’s a way but the live video works fine for my purposes.