Required classes for CPI

So, what classes are required to become a CPI? Looks like if I just pass the exam the first with what I know and submit four mock inspections then I’ll be a in. Which is kinda hard for me to accept.

So again, what classes are required to be a CPI? I have completed 4 classes in my continuing ed.

Check your certification dashboard. It shows the courses that must be completed in the first year.

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That’s what I thought… I wanted to be sure

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Complete the prerequisites and the exam. Once everything is completed and approved then you will be asked to sign the affidavit. The first year stuff is what is required after getting your CPI cert.

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I took the exam, signed the affidavit and started inspecting. It took me about a month to finish the course work.

Yeah the exam is if you pass. If you can’t pass then have to study on the areas you are weak in

Unfortunately not very many.

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I just mentored my 14 student.
It took him ><450 hours. He did his courses through all the material with hand notes FULL TIME. Averaged 45 hours weekly.
A month you say?


Yes a month. My father was and architect and builder. Ive been doing this my entire life. It’s what I know.

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I also built most of my life.
My father was an electrical engineer.

I went through each course from end to end. The amount material and video’s is staggering. Along with each course are exams. If I did the course in full, no short cuts, it would take me the same amount of time. >< 3 months.

Did you track your hours?
I have an excel spread sheet the student emailed me. I am going to email Nick Ben Gromicko.
I made a mistake. Hours in total. 365.5 That’s 9 weeks full time.


No I did not track my hours. The majority of the courses I just clicked through and took the tests. It was information I already knew. The final exam I finished in less than twenty minutes and got a 90%.

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Way to go Walter!

Some don’t know what they don’t know until they know it.

Knowledge is power.

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No quite. Not so fast.
Just to correct you, because you admitted to your score, 90% or 10 over the passing requirement, you did not know everything. You took short cuts. By taking short cuts you admittedly cheated yourself of the full educational process that will limit your knowledge in the real world that tests applicants.

As for knowledge is power. I disagree. Knowledge is the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. You learned from practical experience as did I.
Power In physics is the amount of energy transferred or converted per unit time. In business, power is the ability to influence others. Your peers in the industry and prospective clients in the real world.
That is a caveat for too many home inspectors to which around 80% of will not maintain a successful business model yet still retain the title CPI.

I am not trying to put you down. I am trying to make you realize short cuts have consequences as does self boastfulness. It might impress you, but its your colleagues and peers that measure your real worth. As well you must impress business and prospective clients in the real business world were you will be ultimately measured.

Personally, I am just a cog in a big rotating real world wheel call the home inspection industry. As for power. To me, it is an overall inner energy that I consume daily to sustains ‘my need’ to move myself deeper into my business. As for measuring the power I was able to archive and emit. I read how it effects others. No more, no less.

Thank you for your openness.
I wish you much success in all your endeavors.
Robert Young

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Yes, very well said! I work a full-time job in a factory and have been there for 13 years. Transitioning into home inspection is going to take time… I spend about 2-3 hours day learning the areas I am weak in from my failed cpi exam. After I complete the continuing ed classes where I’m weak in, I will retake the cpi and hopefully pass then submit my mock inspections. Then after that I’ll start reading and studying for my NHIE exam. Study study study!!

Better than before I was getting 62 to 68… Little by little I’ll get to pass my CPI. Even if I pass it, who knows if I’ll pass it another time. That’s why I’m taking my continuing Ed classes to pass the CPI exam.

Please explain. Once you pass the examine, you are a certified CPI.

What courses do you need help with?

If you are going to quote me, include everything I said. I never said I knew everything. Your reply was very colorful. I do believe you forgot to take yours meds.

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‘in less than twenty minutes.’ Yep. I think I captured you perfectly.