Rescheduled inspection(s)

I’m curious on other inspectors viewpoint. So I went to do an inspection. The details (letting sellers know the time, etc) were supposed to be handled by the buyers agent. I show up to the address and the seller greets me and says, "you must be the inspector. We found out about the inspection 15 mins ago so we are going to have to reschedule. I contact the buyer and he tells me hiw his agent is out of state dealing with a family medical emergency. I tell the seller since I’m in town and since your agent seems to have her hands full that I can run back by and speak with the sellers regarding a reschedule time. He said yes and thank you. I return to seller and we set up a time for the following day. I show up the next morn ready to inspect but the seller informs me that there are downed power lines in the back yard and requests I do not go to the back yard for safety reasons. So I do what I can and submit my inspection to the buyer. I noted in the inspection that certain areas were not inspected and why they were not inspected. I did state there would be a fee for me to go back a third timee to finish the inspection. …in hindsight I see that I could have informed the buyer of the sellers request prior to the inspection. What do other inspectors think about charging a $50 fee to return a third time? Or should I go back a third time and inspect the areas omitted due to the situation?

This is how I handle it. I take full fee for the cancelled inspection. It is not your fault and you lost an inspection slot. I then tell my client I will discount the next inspection (typically $100).

As far as the power lines go, I would just note in my report what I could not inspect and why. Move along. I do not offer a return trip. If they ask for one, I give them a fee. It is not a “completion” of an inspection at that time, it is a new limited scope inspection of specific components or areas.

These people are grown and responsible for themselves and their communication.

Let the customer get refunded for the inspection fee by who ever was at fault, but it certainly was not you.


Yes, I agree with you. Thanks for your reply.


Return fee $200 paid in ADVANCE or you are thru.
You have been abused.


Agrees. Thanks for the reply

I agree. My time and opinion has value. When I was starting out, I didn’t respect myself enough and got kicked around. I put hard brakes on that now.


Email 2 weeks ago I sent after I was “making people jump thru hoops”.
I asked for the licensed electrician’s papers & got BS about it.

Marc A.Goldenberg
Thu 5/20/2021 7:32 PM
I issued the report & it stands.
There was an unlicensed electrician there.
The unprofessional looking invoice was suspicious & the address on it was not the same as the registered company.
Don’t know why I’m being abused like this & also making you jump thru hoops… … …
Good luck.

Perfect, Brian! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


If the power lines were down, how did you inspect the house with no power? did you see power lines down when you were on the roof?

the return inspection should almost be full price, as you would have to test all electrical, furnace etc.

Seems like the seller was just trying to hide something to me.

did the property have power? what power lines were down?

I inspect homes without power all the time. Matters not to me. Inspect what I can, disclaim the rest.


Me too, but he did OP did not say that. Just he was going to charge $50?00 to go back the 3rd time. I would charge 70% or so

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That’s just crazy talk there!!
I would never have gone back a second time, let alone a third!
Just like the J&J Vaxx… “One and done”!!

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No doubt. That’s the shot I got. I got it the day before it was recalled. Made me feel great. Lol.