Response from RBC

Dear Mr. Wood,

From time to time, we may make changes and/or updates to our online materials to keep the content current and up to date.

We have updated our information online regarding advice when choosing a home inspector to the following:

  • Ask if they belong to a professionally recognized organization.
  • Ask about their training-they should have taken courses related to this field.
  • Verify that they are full-time inspectors with significant experience (versus performing inspections to supplement other fields of business).
  • Ask for references. Then, call the references to see if they were satisfied.
  • Use only inspectors who will give you a** written report** of their findings.
  • Ask how much time the inspection will take and how much it will cost. A thorough inspection should last at least three hours, depending on the size of the property.
  • Ask about their limitation of liability agreement. This will let you know what they are and are not liable for if something was missed or an oversight occurred.

Mr. Wood, thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to our attention and for giving RBC the opportunity to respond.

Diane Walton | Client Care Specialist | Royal Bank of Canada | T. 1-866-889-8860 ext 5557198019

I have already responded back to show them that not all Home Inspectors use a written report so this will most likely change after a review.

Thanks Kevin .
Thanks to all those who sent in your thoughts to RBC .
I just went to their site and they no longer have any association mentioned .

Great to see how a few letters get their attention

That’s great! Great job to everyone who helped make a difference

Very good to see results

Thanks Kevin.

Thanks Roy for enlightening us!!

I found the location and posted it those who sent in letters where the ones who made the difference .
Glad to have started it and glad others finished it .
If we can stand together all the time we just might make a difference in the Canadian Home Inspection industry.

Thanks Scott

This has been an ongoing thing that we as InterNachi Inspectors battle with in Ontario. We must all have due diligence to squash any one sided advertising, but it should be done wisely.

I think the NACHI Ontario home Inspectors are doing a great job of helping all in this industry .
We give help and information to our members and too non members also .
Unfortunately the other association does not see the advantage of co-operation .
From ignoring or offer of free booths at the Toronto convention and not even acknowledging my phone calls and emails…
Information I have received recently and over the years seem to say they still are having a Financial problem.
I and others could see this years ago and I offered to pay for a forensic audit and they would not take my up on it.
I have been told the they have frequently had their treasures resign in mid term .
Sounds like again this has happened .
I have no idea if this was by choice or did the executive again remove their treasurer.
I wonder if NICK would be interested in talking to their Members re coming over to NACHI .
I see many of the OAHI members have seen the light and are now certified Master Inspectors .

Yes Roy I believe it is time for any Oahi inspector to get aligned with InterNachi or CMI fast.

Now would be great time for OAHI Directors to start and follow their own rules .
They seem to think PR 158 is a good thing ,I wonder why they choose to ignore many of it’s rules .
[FONT=Calibri] [/FONT]

  1. (A) The objects of the Association are,
    to maintain high professional standards
    among the members of the Association
    through education and discipline;

(F**) to seek and maintain affiliations with,**
and to co-operate with, other organizations
having objects, in whole or in
part, the same as or similar to the objects
of the Association.

(a) to provide for and govern the discipline,
suspension, expulsion or other penalty
for professional misconduct, incapacity
or incompetence;

  1. (1) Every member of the Association
    whose name appears in the register may use
    the designations “Registered Home Inspector”
    and “R.H.I.“.
    (2) Any person in Ontario who, not being a
    registered member of the Association, takes or
    uses the designation “Registered Home Inspector”
    or “R.H.I.“, alone or in combination with
    any other word, name, title, initial or description,
    or implies, suggests or holds out that that
    person is a registered home inspector is guilty
    of an offence.
    (3) On conviction of an offence under subsection
    (2), a person is liable to a fine of not
    more than $5,000.
    (4) In every case where registration is an
    issue, the production of a copy of the register,
    certified by the registrar of the Association, is
    sufficient evidence of all persons who are registered
    in lieu of the production of the original
    register and a certificate purporting to be
    signed by a person in that person’s capacity as
    registrar is proof, in the absence of evidence to
    the contrary, that the person is the registrar
    without proof of that person’s signature