Status update of ComInspect, our plan to corner the commercial inspection market.

Jeanne & I are already doing some comm’l up here in WA-ID, so we’ll be happy to be your test pilots up here, Nick; keep us informed!

I’m in. I have taken Joe’s course and now must fight my way through the South Carolina residential builders association to do commercial inspections so any help INACHI can provide for me is more than welcome.

I don’t want any member to feel I’m steppin’ on their toes going after this but I’ve convinced myself that an individual member running a one man business is not in the best position to crack this market. I’ll crack it for all of us.

Nice work Nick. Thank you

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Crack away, Nick!!!

What is the tentative time frame?

Excellent! :slight_smile:

Keep me posted as well. I would definately be interested in finding out more.

I believe this portion may step on a few toes…but alas it’s all good until it is contested.

Yes. I too have been teaching a course by this name, and awarding certificates as Certified Commercial Inspector for nearly 2 years. I believe others have similar programs.

How many are signed up for Spokane next month, Joe?

We’re doing the e-mail blitz now. We are starting to send invoices to those who were pre-registering.

Great, Joe!
We’re looking forward to it.:smiley: :wink:


I want to be included in ComInspect attached is my firms Web Site : http:\


Dr. George R. Evans, CRM CEO

Logo done:

Sounds interesting… thanks for the work Nick

Tim Spargo