New direction.

Those of you that know me know I just did a year of chemo and radiation to fight my cancer. I worked full time during the process with a fair amount of sick days but I managed to keep all my customers.

Because of the trend to offer free services in the residential inspection market I felt it wasn’t the place for me as I strongly feel offering Sewer Guard, warranties and gifts etc is not how I want to operate my business, I am not judging those that do and many have had great success doing this but its not how I want to run my business.

My website will soon have all residential information removed and I will only work commercial except for personal recommendations from people in my network. I look forward to seeing how I can get involved with the commercial inspectors. I am relieved moving forward to know I will only do 203K’s, building science consultations and commercial inspection reports. I’m hoping to learn a lot from the new commercial designation offered by Internachi.

I already pulled the trigger so no looking back now.

Good luck Paul. You will be missed on the forum. Get out the boat and sail on. Thanks for the great questions and insight, John

Hello John,

I have no intention of leaving the awards committee, not until I can produce questions that are so tricky that Roy Lewis stops talking to me. LOL!

Thanks for your kind words.

Sounds like you got a plan Paul , good luck and stay healthy .

Good luck Paul, glad your sticking around!

Good decision Paul. Good luck!

Best of luck on your endeavors sir. Keep us posted.

Good choice, Paul. You’ll do well.

Thanks everyone.

Ironically I called today to have have my website changed to remove all reference for residential and about an hour later I get a call for a condo in Prescott, Wisconsin. So I booked it. :mrgreen:

Good luck, Paul and I do hope your get fully cured from your illness!


Thanks, and me too! :wink:

I’m here to help.

Perhaps you should train a younger, nimble protege or two…

Best of luck Paul!

Kind of like President Trump? I’d be willing to try that. :mrgreen:

I know you are, thank you for that.

I’m sorry to hear about health issues you’ve been dealing Paul.

It sounds like some serious life/business decisions to take care of yourself.

Keep sharing as we all learn from you!

Thanks Scott.

Your coffee is great and your contributions to continuing education is beyond reproach.

I thank,you for both and wish you the best.

Hang in there Paul.