RETIRING FROM Home Inspections & Mold Assessments Business: Equipment for sale

Got plenty Home Inspection equipment and Mold Testing equipment for sale such as: Fluke infrared thermometer 62 MAX, water gages, ZIRCON MT6, Measurement wood ruler, Tramex Moisture meter, Hydro Probe moisture detector, Gas detector (Pocket Air Check), IAQ Vacuum Pump, ZEFON boxes of cassettes, 6 FT heavy duty ladder, Telescopic ladder and ancillary equipment + others. Got plenty Home Inspection books for clients.

If you live in the Orlando, Kissimme or Oviedo or want to drive to buy any items either call me or email me at:

The time has come to hit the beaches and enjoy every minute of it. Had a great profitable time with the business for many years. 14 years in the making.

I hope you enjoy your retirement!

Retirement is great enjoy also tell Nick when you retire and he will give you a NACHI membership for free for ever .
We retired a few years ago its great all the best … Roy

Congratulations! Hope to see some fish pics soon!! :lol:

I thought the retirement was a secret :slight_smile:

Post them here in our Classified Ad section: Stuff sells fast over there.

What are they?

What are thhe prices?

Another post says $2600 worth of tools n stuff for $750.

Enjoy retirement Sam!

I did it about this time last year. Best move I have ever made!:stuck_out_tongue:

Check out my signature line;)

enjoy your retirement

A “helpful” member would have posted the link! :razz:

Well… that be me… :mrgreen: