FOR SALE Inspection equipment and Mold Tesing Equipment

Are you in the Central ORLANDO AREA? If so I am selling all my Home and Mold inspection Equipment. Great price for all.

Here are some: Fluke infrared thermometer 62 MAX, water gages, ZIRCON MT6, Measurement wood ruler, Tramex Moisture meter, Hydro Probe moisture detector, Gas detector (Pocket Air Check), IAQ Vacuum Pump, ZEFON AOC boxes of cassettes, 6 FT heavy duty ladder, Telescopic ladder and ancillary equipment + others. Got plenty Home Inspection books for clients 300+. Here is a picture of some of the tools. There is over $2.6K. All and more for $750.00. Send me a message at:

John, if you are selling some items separately and can ship it to MD, I would like a price on your Hydro Probe moisture detector ?


Shipping to California and breaking up the collection would probably not make it worth it, but I could use the Fluke infrared thermometer and Tramex Moisture meter.