Returning Defective and Incorrect Software

Deleted corrections will be made by someone else!!

Hi to all,

Joe seeing as you have been discussing with Inspection Depots Mike Rowan acting as an Electrical consultant on his electrical images I’m sure that you allready have their phone number.

If not, here it is: 888-589-2112

Interestingly Michael told me at the Orlando show that he was surprised that he had not seen your recommendations for improvements to the electrical images.



Not sure that was the point…sigh
I’m sure he had the number if he bought the software eh? :wink:

I think the point was quite obvious Tony, Joe doesn’t like being critizised.



Electrician Haters…:slight_smile:

Neither does Gerry like to be criticized, and he doesn’t respect copyrights either. Gerry you are the person who should correct the problems, I am a busy person and have no time for your foolish remarks and since I too am in business and don’t work for free!

You do I suppose?

Cut out the public criticism and stop trying to be an electrical expert!

PS: Drinking excessively and smoking will reduce your life span, 45 years old, hmm, I could be your father!

Yoa! Bubba somebody picking on you? Call the electrical police to clear the air! So many Brillinunes!

I will see you very soon coming down to your area, you can bring along the dog zapper!

Talk to me about 3 phase, is there any good soft ware? I have some great videos and material I use. :mrgreen:

Pointless Banter…Forget It !

Mr.? Yes I know of Chucky Mike, the name we gave him back in 1981 when he sent in 125 proposals and I was a staff liaison, Mike does a great job and does a lot of seminars I will see him in Vegas next month!

Hi to all,

as I stated earlier, both Inspection depot and myself were under the misaprehension that Joe was going to evaulate the electrical portions of the images and recommend changes where needed.

As Michael and I discussed at the show, this is now being done (at his own expense) by Paul Abernathy, many thanks to Paul for stepping up to the plate and helping ensure that the images are as good as can be.

Thanks Paul


Pointless Banter…Moving On !

sure Gerry…I dont have a problem looking them over…send away…and micheal…whom I do not know does not have to pay me anything…hell I dont mind looking at them but be patient as I have many things on my plate…:slight_smile:…90&postcount=1

Get Gerry Beaumont off of my Back he is looking for trouble and is not giving his affiliation with NACHI and Your Company any good exposure by critizing me. I too am in business to make a living and he has posted unnecessary comments about me here:…9&postcount=53


I am sorry you choose to make me a part of you disagreements with others on this site. I absolutely refuse to get involved in such issues. I have no control over Gerry B or anyone else outside of Inspection Depot, nor can I accept any responsibility for his or anyone else’s actions.

It is both unethical and unprofessional to make such statements like this just to leverage your position or force resolution to your issues with others.

I hate having to publicize your email, but you have left me no choice.

A simple phone call or email would have been enough. You have had the illustrations for over a year and this is the first time you decide to make an issue.

We talked a few times before about a handful of illustrations. I think you mentioned less than 6 or 7 at that time. You even offered to edit them and let me know the corrections. There are over 2300 illustrations to my knowledge on the series. 6 or 7 arrows pointing at the wrong element or typos, is a big deal to me, even though it relates to a minute percentage to the overall package.

You are a very knowledgeable person. You are an asset to the NACHI group but I ask you publicly now not to drag our company down when we have nothing to do with the situation.

Feel free to email me personally at or call me at 1 888 589 2112.

For the people that purchased the illustrations, the product is excellent. We have never had a return of the product or customer complain to my knowledge.

Regards and regrets.


Thank you!


??? Crazy crap going on again. Looks like someone is dirty, or wanting us to think someone is dirty. Looks good for no one.

it is all just CRAP…I was Asked…I have Accepted…Now Moving On !

P.S. I will be paid NO FUNDS to do this…:slight_smile:

Are you starting again?