Ride Along

I will be doing an inspection on Tuesday 3pm that will allow me to take a newbie if you are interested. Anyone needing this can contact me no later than Monday night 8pm. This of course is free and is first come first serve. Bring duct tape for your comments…hehe. Contact me by phone 209-663-8912


I applaud you - and I thank you - for helping other inspectors. I rarely do an inspection without being accompanied by a new inspector. I try to live my life and run my business by the Golden Rule. It has never hurt me to help others.

I was fortunate to have a trusted friend with whom I did my first inspections. We were both new at doing home inspections so we were both in the learning mode but two heads are better than one. We are both better inspectors as a result of working together.

Since I got into this business, I have always been willing to help others. We all benefit by having only highly qualified inspectors working in our markets. Bad inspectors give us all a bad name. Good inspectors help to build a positive perception of all inspectors. We should all help other inspectors whenever we can.

I am glad to say…Someone took me up on this offer. I have gotten calls many of time for this and It just so happen that I had the oppurtinty to do help out a new inspector. Frank…thanks for keepin your comments to yourself and pointing out what you learned at your training. Hopefully I was a help in your future endeavores

John, I hope that you learned some valuable lessons from the inspection…And remember that when inspecting a home you also have to educate the buyer. A lot of home inspectors will point out certain things as more of a code inforcement rather then a visual of whats really going on with home at the time of inspection. My Duct Tape effect worked on you and that was great…What I mean by that is…We went and had a cup of coffee before screaming out the defects…and by doing that we were able to present the facts more accruatley and in an educational manner to my client.