ride along - San Diego


I am a new InterNACHI member and very excited to be part of this family. I’m looking to get some pointers and tips from seasoned inspectors in Southern California. I would be thrilled to ride along with you and attend some of your inspections. I can even bribe you with a free lunch :stuck_out_tongue:

I look forward to hearing for you and contributing to this forum.



A word of advice…Your future competition is not going to take you out on a ride along.

You’re best to contact HI’s that are further out from your intended inspection area and inform them that you will be starting your business in any area other than theirs. They’ll train you knowing that you will not be in competition with them in the near future.

Thanks for the advice David.

Let then know that at some point you have plans of expanding:mrgreen:




The best option for me in the end (4 months later :)) was to focus on the website, network with agents and others and get out there. Business is now coming along nicely.

No need for a ride along. But thanks everyone.

Nice job Darin :wink:

Thanks Dom - Well I owe a lot to you, the SEO guru :slight_smile:

Awesome! Glad to help :smiley:

There is always a need for a ride-along!! Even after 10 years I still go on them and you will learn something every time!!

I will be more than happy to drag you through a house, you will have to meet me half way the next time I am in South OC.


I’m sure that’s true Chuck. Let me know when you’re in the OC and I’ll try to meet up with you.