Ridge Vent question

I just did a home inspection which had a new roof installed in July. The ridge vents were fastened with nails which I have seen installed in roofs that are older by I have not seen any installed with newer roofs. I always see the screws installed now. Does any one know the code requirement and if so can you provide me a link to it. I also called a local roofing contractor and asked if they knew. They told me that they do not use nails anymore.

should be in RAS111 or call the shingle manufacturer

I have divided each requirement by area (HVHZ vs non-HVHZ) for the installation of ridge vents for attic ventilation. In all cases, the approval for the product must be reviewed to determine proper attachment and/or installation. You can review this information at the building department.


***Florida Building Code, HVHZ Protocols: RAS 110: 14. Attic Ventilation Products: **
14.1 All approved attic ventilation products (i.e. soffit vent strips, ridge vents, static vents, louvers, turbines and/or powered vents) shall be sized and installed in compliance with the requirements set forth in the Product Approval.

RAS 100 (required testing protocol only): 8.2.1 The underlayment, prepared roof covering, soffit ventilation and ridge area ventilation system (i.e., ridge vent, static vents, turbines or powered vents) shall be installed in strict compliance with the respective manufacturer’s published installation instructions and the minimum installation requirements set forth in Section 1518 of the Florida Building Code, Building. The requirements of the Florida Building Code, Building shall take precedence.


Florida Building Code, Residential: R806.4 Installation and weather protection.
Ventilators shall be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instructions. Installation of ventilators in roof systems shall be in accordance with the requirements of Section R903. Installation of ventilators in wall systems shall be in accordance with the requirements of Section R703.1

Each specific type of ridge vent has its’ own installation protocol, it’s not one size fits all. As an example, a currently approved ridge vent manufactured by Southeastern Metals (NOA #12-0426.02) allows the use of common nails to attach the ridge vent to the roof deck, even in the HVHZ.

My point being, go to the building department and pull the approved construction docs for the installation. That’s the right way….the only way.

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According to the manufacturer, the use of grommeted nails and screws are both acceptable. Even for new construction. Some of the largest, new construction, roofing companies in Florida use grommeted nails for ease of installation and it is acceptable by the manufacturer.

Make sure any deviation form the original approved construction documents is also approved (revision), don’t just take the manufacturer’s word for it. I have caught more than a few that weren’t. Building Inspectors do not go on the roof or in the attic for inspections (at least not around here) and miss a lot of improperly installed roofing components.

Also, roofing companies don’t typically have “approval” as the material manufacturer is usually another entity altogether. 9.9 out of 10 new homes I inspect have significant deficiencies with the roof covering installation and components. I inspected one last month in Broward where they forgot to secure the hip/ridge tiles…they were just laying in place.

The biggest deficiency I find with new roof components? Tile or other walking surfaces installed over modified bitumen roof coverings on low-slope roofing systems (typically a balcony or a sundeck).