Over compressed mesh ridge vent

So I’m baby sitting the roofers redoing my roof and I feel like they did a shit job with the ridge vent install. It’s a cobra exhaust vent mesh type ridge.

Of course they nail gunned it because no one hand nails anything these days but it it looks to me like they completely over sunk the fasteners because it is completely compressed at every nail.

The install instructions show a 5/8” gap between the ridge shingle and the roof deck.

Am I right?

I agree that does look overnailed, which is not uncommon…sometimes think roofers get paid on nails per minute basis. Can you tell if they used the correct fastener & location? Per GAF

Cap Shingle Installation
Install the cap shingles directly to the vent,using included 3" ring shank nails provided only with Cobra® Snow Country Advanced™ and Cobra® Rigid Vent 3™. For Cobra® Snow Country™ and Cobra® Rigid Vent 2™ ,nails must be of sufficient length to penetrate through plywood decks or at least 3/4" into wood planks. A nail line is inscribed on the top of the vent to serve as a guide

Also…what was temp at install? If cooler temps may take a bit for shingles to settle in place.

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Not going to be of much help that way, as far as venting goes anyway.

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Fibrous ridge vents are thinner than typical ridge vents and tend to be a lower profile type of ridge vent.
black-ridge-vents-rh20-64_145 (1)

I don’t think that means they should be completely closed every 3 inches though…

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What does it look like from the attic? Is there very much light showing a sufficient air gap?


John has got it…they did the same damned thing with my roof…about 15 years ago…The “Provided Ring Shank Nails” were still in the box that the ridge vent came in. Just because someone is licensed doesn’t mean they know anything, are profesional or capable of Reading Directions… or more likely the guy with the hammer is not trained or supervised properly. When they did mine, I could tell they had never installed a Ridge Vent before. Yes had to babysit this licensed contractor also

I would consider that unvented, seriously.