Wind Mit Course Question

There are now many courses on wind mitigation inspections.

If you have taken a course and remember what was stated about gable vents I would appreciate the info.

I would like to know the course taken and the opinion of the instructor.

It seems some do consider these openings and some do not.

We all have our own opinions on the matter but I am looking to know what is currently being taught and by who.

Thanks in advance to all those who may share what they have learned.

Inspection depot: As a general rule, gable vents do not require opening protection.


That subject came up in Naples, FL 6/14/11 BOAF meeting and Bill York was there and answered: " At this time they are not considered for opening protection"!

Thanks Sean.

Any other thoughts from anyone.

I know a bunch of you Florida guys have taken the courses.

Currently I do not know of anyone that requires them to be protected. Maybe in the HVHZ, ask Dennis B. Doesn’t building code require it there? I do not do inspections there.

Thanks John.

I have spoken to him already and have his opinion.

Not required from all I have seen.

The gable vent covering requirement changes with the tides like almost every other question on the 1802.