Ridge Vent

What do you think of this ridge cap installation and vent pipe placement with caulking?

Not acceptable in my book except for temporary repairs. Caulk just won’t hold up.

True, but neither will tar, I like tar-less boots

This is the first ridge vent plumbing vent pipe placement I can recall seeing on an inspection. The flat ridge cap is also unusual. This is a layered roof, probable voided warranty.

I wrote this one up with a link to a retro mast flashing, roofer was pissed. Roofer told client that is the way we always do it, and the roof is under warranty, so if it leaks we will come fix it.

talk about putting your cart before the horse.

And will he replace the insulation and drywall (or plaster) as well…

I have come across more jacklegs that who say…“we have been doing it this way for years…or this is the way we always do it…”