Rio Olympics

Teenshooter Ginny Thrasher wins USA’s first gold medal of Rio Olympics

RIO DE JANEIRO — American shooterGinny Thrasher won the first gold medal of the Rio Olympics, pulling offan upset in the women’s 10-meter air rifle event Saturday morning.
Thrasher, 19, beatsilver medalist DuLi of China in the final round with a total of 208.0, setting anOlympic record in the finals. Du finished with 207.0.
Yi Siling of China tookbronze as the first medals in Rio were awarded.
Thrasher wasn’t one of thefavorites to win a medal coming into the Olympics.
“I think I knew it wasrealistic for me to make finals, but I was not focused on that,” shesaid. “I was focusing on just shooting the best that I could, andthat got me there.”
She is an NCAAchampion at West Virginia competing in her first Olympics. TheAmerican was up against a deep field that included Du, who won gold atthe 2004 Athens Olympics, and Andrea Arsovic of Serbia, who is rankedNo. 1 in the world and failed to advance to the final. Yi won Olympic gold inthe 2012 London Games

WTF Who cares?

So Roy, where did the Canadians place?

Some people do, you don’t. So don’t be an a**hole.

Very Bad post . I am disappointed to see this .

I enjoy the Olympics and being a big completion shooter for many years ,I enjoy seeing who wins.

For all who represent their various countries I say thank you big time .
Thanks for asking Jeffery Canada is doing Great .
WOW! never saw Rugby before , Our ladies got the Bronze be interesting to see if this sport gets more TV time .
What a fast furious game .

Jeff just wait till the ice fishing event , Canada will get a gold . Canuks do not try hard in those wimpy summer events .lol

Great TV coverage of the Olympics in Canada .

USA well in the lead #1 with 26 medals
China #2 with 17 and
Canada doing great #11 with 5 medals .

What great group of athletics’ are there .

As a Canadian, I have N O T H I N G to boast about CANADA in these Olympic games! Take a look at AUSTRALIA and HUNGARY and then tell me Canada is great?? NO WAY!!!

Canada has a L O N G way to go!!!

If backpedaling ever becomes an Olympic event I’m putting my money on Donald J. Trump to win the gold:wink:

They make up for it in the winter Olympics with hockey and curling.

I particularly like Canada’s Golden Penny, Penny Oleksiak!
What a performance, her fourth swimming medal of the Games…

I appreciate all those who practiced to Represent Canada and others who practiced to Represent their Country at the Olympic Games .
I am glad for those who got to represent Canada and Glad for those who won a metal .
To me They are all winners and I respect and appreciate what they all have gone through.

A big thanks to all. I appreciate the effort they have put forth.

Compare population of Canada to the USA . 5 medals is great for summer sports .

Yes Canada is doing great , The final count just might surprise us and many others too.
We all should be proud of the efforts put forward of our athletes .

How about FIJI many years and they just got their first Medal Fantastic to see . Good for them…

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