RIP Spock

Always was a Star Trek fan. And Spock was a favorite.

Thank you Leonard Nimoy for years of entertainment.

Rest in Peace.

Live long a prosper .

RIP Leonard. Live long and prosper.


He changed my life when I was a little boy. He is the sole reason I became a mathematician.



He’s not really dead. He’s just in another dimension for a short time. He’ll be back! He always comes back!

Like Elvis?

Elvis is alive and well and part owner at Dunkin donuts i thought everyone knew this :wink:


Sad News

OK Mr. mathematician
In a town with one male barber who, every day, shaves every man who doesn’t shave himself, and no one else. Who shaves the barber?

Not many female barbers shave…:wink:

May the Force be with him! :wink:

Its hard to believe that star trek first ran 49 years ago.

Bummer…RIP Leonard Nimoy

Great man.

Bummer RIP