Rise along needed in georgia

Hello my name is marcus and I completed my course in the state of georgia and would like to see if I can get a ride along with someone in the atlanta metro area. I have everything ready to go. Thanks

Well, actually, no you don’t…

IMO, you would have a much better chance if you committed to being an InterNachi Member!!


As Jeffery replied, It would help you immensely to join InterNachi. The forum could help you find a ride along, and being a member will give you access to many free courses that will make you a better inspector and keep you updated on CE.
Don’t hesitate!


going through the same thing in Vriginia, Im down to cold calling Home inspectors. I was advised its best to look outside your area. no on likes training people who might be their competition.

Especially someone that isn’t even a member of their own professional Organization, ie. an outsider!!

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