Robo-Laser For Sale

FOR SALE In Kansas City

Robo-Laser Next to Little Use or Wear. Used once for Expert Witness on subdivision grading drainage issues. Never used since. Cost $349 for Laser and Tripod

Can be used manually or with the hand-held remote to rotate it as it throws a laser line in a 360 degree circle (which lets 1 man shoot his own grade).

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918-816-0607 OR 816-455-8787 / Dan


What model number is it?

Hello, Dan?

Gotta Look

Model RB01001

1/8" tolerance over 100’

As most of you know I’ve been doing inspections for over 30 years. I’ve got quite a few tools I don’t use anymore OR duplicate tools (let go my 2nd guy and got two of something that I only need 1 of OR only use once a year anymore). As slow as the economy has been this past 2 years I’m starting to go through my tools and sell off some unused stuff thats just taking up shelf space and I’m moving out of the office I’ve had for the past 10 years and need to downsize.

I’m gonna be selling other stuff like a 19’ fiberglass extension ladder, a 28’ aluminum extension ladder with "Self-Leveling’ legs, 2-3 Honeywell Rounder Radon detectors with a printer, etc, etc.

[FONT=Tahoma]Several people called or emailed to ask what model the Robo-Laser is. The Model is a RB01001.

Per Mfg Specs it is to be self leveling and accurate to 1/8" at 100’. It was used once for 1.5 weeks.

Don’t even have a scuff on the case.

It sold for $300 & the Tripod for another $50

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**Dan Bowers
(816) 455-8787
** ReviewThis is a remote-controlled, wireless, self-leveling system that gives the accuracy of a $2,000 laser beacon. There are no time-consuming level adjustments, no leveling screws, and a tripod is not required. Dual tripod mounts are built in to accommodate 1/4-inch by 20-inch and 5/8-inch. Simply place on any surface, roughly level it out by sliding the base unit on the solid-metal spherical base, and the self-leveling mechanism does the rest. Accurate to 1/8 of an inch over 100 feet. The remote control lets you aim the dot while you stand next to the target. In a matter of minutes, using RoboLaser and a simple chalk snap-line, interior carpenters can lay out an entire room with perfectly level reference lines. With only one button to push, you’ll be level within 10 seconds.

Solid-metal spherical base
150-foot radio control range
Up to 100 feet laser viewability[/FONT]