Roff Trusses have been cut! HELP!


I had my building inspection done on a two story house. The inspector found cut strusses and buldging and sagging on the roof. I’ve attached a link to the pictures from the inspector. Please advice before I buy this property.

I suspect you asked your inspector if you should buy this house and he told you something like that was your decision to make.

What makes you think anyone here is going to answer that question?

Your inspector advised you to have an expert review and recommend repairs as necessary, or words to that effect.

Take his advise then make your decision based upon what the expert advises.

Good luck to you


[size=7]Yep !!!

For other members: You can pick up a virus by clicking on an unknown link or picture.

You have that right! :shock:

What state are you in?
Your sought after advice should come from a licensed
structural engineer within your contractual time frame.

Your inspector told you to hire a licensed structural engineer.

That is very good advice. You should follow it.