Roff Truss have been cut! HELP!


When I got the home inspected, the inspector found trusses that have been cut. Also indicated sagging and bulking on roof. I’ve attached the pictures. I am not sure if I should still go ahead with the purchase of this property.

Thanks in advance!

What did your inspector say?

What did the Truss Engineer say when he reviewed the situation? You did continue with your “due diligence”, didn’t you? Nobody on a MB can evaluate and make a definitive determination of the situation. A Truss Engineer is necessary to prescribe any necessary repairs, and issue a Certificate that the truss has been repaired and is structurally sound.

My previous reply was prior to looking at your photos. Disregard what I stated about Trusses and a Truss Engineer. It appears the home has Rafters, not Trusses. If that is correct, a qualified contractor, and/or a structural Engineer, should suffice to determine ALL of the necessary repairs.

Your inspector recommended it be looked at by a professional and repaired. If you choose to ignore the recommendation than you assume all the risk of future problems. Why would you ignore the advice of the professional you hired. He/she is trying to protect you, perhaps others are giving you alternate advice?? I doubt anyone here will tell you anything different than what your inspector told you; he/she was there and actually saw the conditions.

Anything can be fixed with enough time and money.

If you are still interested in the house, I suggest that you get a qualified engineer to tell you how it needs to be repaired and a qualified contractor to tell you how much time and money will be required to implement the repairs. Then you can make an informed decision as to whether it falls within your tolerance. You will need to do this within your option period or negotiate an extension. Your agent should be able to advise you and facilitate your negotiation for further scoping, estimates and repair cost with the other party.

No one but you can make the determination as to whether it makes sense for you to pursue this deal further.

Good luck with your transaction - as stressful as it may be, it’s far better to learn about these things before it’s your house.

Good call by your inspector (recommending an engineer to evaluate the roof). Find a registered professional engineer in your area and pay him to look at it. Most are not that expensive and it can save you many thousands in lost dollars.