Rolled roofing installed over metal.

(Terrill Ewald, CPI, MD# 31310) #1

Inspected this roof this morning, Rolled over what looks like metal standing seam roof. There were no leaks, no seam cracks, no open seams. Rolled roofing looked in good shape. Any thoughts/narratives?

(Marcel R. Cyr, CMI) #2

I’d be careful where you walk. LOL

(Don C. Hawley) #3

I believe the general installation instructions call for clean flat surface.

(Joseph Jacono) #4

Just curious, how did you end up reporting this? And what was the outcome?

(Kenton Shepard, CMI) #5

Well, I don’t see any granules, and I see what looks like brush marks in some kind of liquid-applied surfacing, neither of which screams Roll Roofing at me. But if I saw roll roofing installed over a standing seam metal roof, I’d call that out as a defective installation.

(William B. Ogletree, TREC License #22530) #6

I would agree on the defective installation call. Imagine what a hail stone would do when striking that roofing material in one of the many places where there is a void underneath.