Shingle Roof

  • New Shingle roof installed over a Standing Seam Steel Roof.
  • Brick Chimney and Flashing repaired by coating with a 5 gallon bucket of asphalt.

Work was completed by a “Licensed” Roofer.

Classy…well, as long as he was “Licensed”, I’m sure it’s okay. :roll:

Joe it seems some just go out of their way to show how stupid they are . thanks for the picture . Showed Char and she laughed so hard she cried .

Some people should just not roof.

I agree.

However, this install was just completed by a “Licensed Roofer”.

You have got to be kidding. Right???

Marcel :slight_smile: :eek:

Photo of home…

Dont they believe in permits in PA?

One question: How did they adhere the shingles to the metal deck? Glue? or was there wood sheathing under the metal deck to nail to? I rarely see any decking under metal roofs around here…mostly built on purlins

Hey Joe, I think I’ve seen that house, is that in west chester on one of the side streets? Well I have seen guys put shingles over a metal roof in my area also, but they beat down the standing seam real good first!

Spaced boards nailed to the rafters. Shingles nailed thru the steel roof to the wood below.

This is not the first time that I have found shingles installed over a standing seam steel roof.

I’ve heard of metal roofs installed over shingles…

Maybe the installer had his manual upsidedown.

Oh lord Joe, that will surely be a classic…:smiley:

What did you write?

“Chances are exceptionally good the shingle manufacturer will void warranty”…:smiley:

“Unconventional shingle installation, ridges should of been flattened with sledge hammer before installation”…:smiley:

:smiley: …crazy, to say the least…:smiley:

Was this the sales description?

“Unique roofing feature adds character to this home.”

That is so sad and to think someone paid for this rip-off.


I’d like to add to my library of CRAP photos, if that’s OK.

It is OK with me.

Thank You

Looks ok from the street.

Dasigner roof?
Maybe it is near the seaside.
Perhaps emulating the new trend of
installing the vertical wave action design?

Terry Neyedli
N.A.C.H.I. 06030792

Joe, just how did you report this mess?

just another case of licensing protecting the consumer!