Romex under patio eave...Question

This is for exterior lights connected to eaves…
Should the wire runs be in conduit?

“Romex” (NM) does not belong in conduit, and it is not allowed for use in damp/wet locations.

So the answer to your question is “no,” but this wiring method is improper for exterior lighting.

What Jeff said as you should never double insulate conductors.

I agree that standard NM cable is not permitted in wet or damp locations. NM cable is permitted to be pulled into a raceway providing that the allowable raceway fill is followed.

I have seen Romex rated for exterior use.

Thanks Jeff…Im will use this statement…

( wiring method is improper for exterior lighting. )

You’re correct, there is a cable, NMC that is listed for damp and wet locations but it’s a pretty rare cable type .

As have I, but chances are slim to none that the right type is in use here.

I gotta agree… just about anytime we see NM on the exterior, or in a garage or a host of other places… it’s likely wrong in some way shape or form.

What you think about a CA checklist for NM and/or visible wiring practices Jeff? Pics of correct/incorrect EMT fittings and so on… just the basics/common stuff. Most places we see sched 40 should be RMC and so on.

Just an idea.

What are you waiting for Tim? Get it started and I’ll be happy to contribute :smiley:

Our electricians here (as well as the courts) don’t mind if it’s unprotected as long as it’s seven feet or above. If it’s lower than that, they want it protected, usually in a raceway.

What do the courts have to do with it?

Lawsuit that actually went to court rather than being settled out of court.

How about this arrangement?

Hard to tell if the proper cable type or WP connector was used.

The PVC is acting as a sleeve either for protection or neatness or both.

The NM must be rated for UV and damp/wet locations, or it’s no good. Again, chances are slim to none that it is the proper type.

Its a steel conduit, not PVC.
Is the fact that it’s in a steel conduit an issue as well?

Steel conduit is permitted as a sleeve for NM cable.

Robert, can you please clarify for me. I thought I saw that NM cannot be installed in a conduit. Thanks.