Roof at the end of its life

This is what a roof looks like when it is at the “end of its life.” Notice how the cut outs on the tabs have spread.

Personally, I would say that material is beyond the end of its life.

Can’t you just spray some miracle coating on it to extend the life ?

This roof was not leaking and only had a cosmetic issue. But NO you cannot coat this roof with elastomeric. You can coat the roof if the tabs have not spread and there are no moisture issues like the picture John posted.

When I see a roof like that, I suggest replacement. Someone (usually the seller or their agent) will inevitably say “Well, it isn’t leaking!” To which I will respond, “That may be true, but it’s not raining.”

Ya know, you get more and more like Brian MacNeish every day. Go figure!

The only difference is, he was correct every now and then.

BTW… glad you posted this in a public section, for all the world to see what you and CMI really stand for.

(Beat ya to it Linas)!!!

For those not aware, here’s the link to the thread that Kevin will never be able to escape from, which prompted this thread in a ba****ckdoor attempt at gaining new supporters…

President Hah!
Over 9000 posts.

So sad we have a lot of great NACHI Home inspectors and a few who are so vindictive .
I do not see why you feel you must continue to attack those who you show your distain for .
It does not help our industry with these silly posts.

My turn.

Roy Cooke is one of the most vindictive people I have ever encountered.

He is a stubborn old coot that cannot admit when he is wrong no matter how many tell him just that.

If you become and enemy of Roy he plays all sorts of games to get others to believe that HE IS THE VICTIM.

BS and more BS

Roy, you should search the Internet for some more of those silly posts you seem to love making. Bed bug detectors, clever dogs etc.

You must be extremely bored.

Find a hobby and leave NACHI alone.

You are not missed when you are not around.

Have a nice day.

Don’t worry Roy I don’t think they sleep well at night.

I sleep fine thank you.




Kevin and Roy…

So you’re saying the one you posted is on it’s deathbed, based on “tab spread”

and the two samples below can be saved for another 20 years with a dose of elastomeric?

I’m busting a gut Jeffy.

Thanks for the laugh. :wink:

For those not aware, here’s the link to the thread that Kevin will never be able to escape from, which prompted this thread in a bockdoor attempt at gaining new supporters…

LOL !!!

In case there is any confusion, the opinion in my initial post was based on the photo posted in the OP. I am unaware of the content in the other thread.

No confusion here at all Jeff. :slight_smile:

My apologies world… I misspelled the word backdoor!!! :shock:;-):mrgreen:

Crystal clear, Mr. Pope. No confusion whatsoever! :wink:

Actually… the tabs have shrunk as the shingles lost volatiles, the cutouts have spread. :freaked-: