Roof attachment for Wind Mit

I did a Wind Mitigation with a metal roof and the question came up of “What does Citizens require for distance between the bolts that attach the metal roofing?” I thought it was every 12" but the code guy said every 6" however the question remains what does “Citizen Require”.

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Chuck Gunnip

Is there a plywood deck with metal on top or a metal roof deck?

I am not sure I really understand. If you are talking about the metal roof covering it can vary by the manufactures standard and type and Citizens has noting to do with this nor do they ask. They only ask for permit date. If you are talking about the roof decking that would be every six inches to obtain “C” on the form.

I am not sure the OP understands either :slight_smile: No offense intended as we all had to learn.

It all depends on the manufacturers recommended installation. There is no definitive answer without doing way more homework then is necessary.

In Monroe County…Metal Roof,standing seams attached to Plywood with Stainless Steel lag bolt with rubber grommets… I understand it may very by manufacturer and county…I was just wonder since it was asked by a client if Citizens had a requirement and if there was a discount if done to 6" spacing instead of the old 12" spacing? I hope that is enough info and clearified the question…I know that they ask for the year of permit that would kind of answer it. I appreciate everyone feed back

Chuck Gunnip

All that matters is the covering passed inspection. roof deck attachment is best when every 6" or less everywhere :slight_smile:

If the roofing was permitted (after 03/01/2002) and finaled, that is good for the roof covering. Manufacturer’s recommendations are the code, not 6" vs 12". The roof deck attachment is a totally different question and handled by verification in the attic space.

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I would imagine that in order to receive a permit there were engineering docs. with load calculations involved as it was in my day of contracting. The insurance company should not have any say in a permitted engineered installation but a call to the building official might be needed for verification. Would like to hear feedback on this down the line for education.

Citizens has absolutely no say in the matter! As far as the 1802 goes it does not address the attachment of the metal roofing to the decking. The only question asked is the attachment of the roof decking to the framing. As the metal only attaches to the decking it is not a factor in this inspection. The only thing relevant is whether there is a product approval on the metal roofing.