metal truss roof deck attachment

I performed a wind mit in 2012. The home features metal trusses that are attached to the roof deck with self tapping screws spaced an inch apart. I selected answer C in section #3. The insurance company sent out their inspector recently who marked other which has caused the home owner to get an increase. He’s furious and I can’t find anything to validate my claim. The section states that any system of screws, nails etc can be used if it meets the uplift requirements. Can anyone offer anything that might help? Thanks

Can you post some pictures of the connections?

Maybe the Architect who designed it or an engineer could help?

Thanks for the input

Yep, you would need documentation stating that the decking attachment meets or exceeds 182 psi uplift, otherwise the underwriters / reinspectors are clueless and default to “Other”. Sounds like it would be much stronger than 8d @ 6/6 in wood.

Probably an inspector from a “preferred provider” for the insurance company. You know, one of the companies with a “quality assurance” program in place to ensure the “accuracy” of their re-inspections.

If the screws are an inch apart, the decking is at least 7/16" and the trusses are no more than 24" o.c. it meets the requirements! Any spacing of less than 6" o.c. works and if that is the case, the other company is wrong! You should not need an architect or engineer, just pictures to prove your case!